Apr 1st 2011

Milk Nursingwear

“My pants won’t button… HELP!”

Pants won’t button? Shirt’s too short? Belly bands to the rescue.

If you’re pregnant or post-partum, you’ve probably experienced that exposed belly so many of us face during this time. Or you just can’t find a pair of pants that fit properly.

Belly bands have become must-haves for countless women. It is an incredible product that is both functional and chic, offering that oh-so-fashionable layered look without the added bulk. During pregnancy, it virtually extends your wardrobe, allowing you to wear non-maternity pants unbuttoned, while the belly band covers the gap between your pants and your top. Or it works after baby’s birth to help you transition back into your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. A great investment or a great gift at $22-$24, it’s wearable from the early months of pregnancy through post-partum until your pre-pregnancy clothes start to fit. And it has the added bonus of providing extra coverage under any non-nursing top when breastfeeding, so the staying power is long-lasting.

Belly bands will transform your wardrobe in a way that will leave you wishing you had purchased them sooner. So, don’t delay… shop today!