6 signs your baby might be hungry

May 3rd 2018

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6 signs your baby might be hungry

Did you know that crying is actually a late hunger cue from your baby?

All babies are born with the ability to know if they are hungry or full. Learn to listen and notice your baby's cues to ensure she is getting the nutrition she needs to be healthy.

By responding to her cues it will teach her to only eat when she's hungry -- not just because it's that time. It also lets her know you are there to keep her safe.

  1. Bringing her hands up to her face
  2. Rooting
  3. Making sucking motions and noises
  4. Sucking on her fingers or putting her fist in her mouth
  5. Flexing her hands, arms and/or legs
  6. Breathing fast

Follow these cues, and you’ll discover her natural schedule.

via Children's Healthcare of Atlanta