Sep 25th 2014

Milk Nursingwear

A Breastfeeding Story

Milk Nursingwear customer, Karey, shared her breastfeeding story with us, and we are excited to feature it here on our Freshmilk blog! We are interested in publishing other customer breastfeeding stories -- so if you have one to share, please contact us at


Karey works full time as a pharmacist and is mom to both Kaitlyn and Kayleigh. She has been married 8 years and says, "My kids are my life. I love them more than anything."

This busy mom also runs her own personal Etsy business - "Kaitybug's Kreations" and is an independent consultant for Jamberry Nails. She's originally from Pennsylvania, but has hopped around the country and is currently in the middle of a move to Texas.


karey foote pic 1

Here is Karey’s story:

I knew before I even had kids that I wanted to breastfeed. My mother breastfed all her children so it was a tradition I wanted to continue. It was very important for me to try, but I had friends that it didn't work for so I went into it with an open mind. My goal was to give my baby what is best: breast milk. I would achieve that by either nursing or pumping.

In 2010, our first daughter, Kaitlyn, was born. Everything seemed fine until her first doctor's appointment 2 days after we had gone home - when we discovered she had jaundice. In the meantime, we were having some challenges with breastfeeding as we couldn't get the latch down. Since I wanted to provide Kaitlyn with the best nutrition possible, I gave up and switched to pumping so she could get my milk to help bring her jaundice down. Her health was more important than my desire to nurse, so as long as she got breast milk that was all that mattered to me. For the next 10 months, I lugged my pump and equipment everywhere I went -- until I stopped producing.

With my second baby I was even more determined to get this nursing thing down pat. At the start of 2014, I gave birth to our second daughter, Kayleigh. From the minute she was born she was an awesome nurser. We were more cautious this time and had the doctors check her for jaundice while still in the hospital. Once the jaundice kicked in, even the lactation consultant couldn't wake her to nurse. So I resorted again to pumping which I didn't mind because I knew she was getting the good stuff.karey foote pic 2

Wow did I ever produce this time! I had stock piles of milk in the fridge and freezer from the get go! Then a funny thing happened. While holding my baby girl at 8 weeks I noticed her rooting, so I said "Fine you want the boob? I'll give you the boob!" Kayleigh latched right on and went to town. She nursed like she had been doing it since birth! I had to struggle with fast let down choking her and had to pump after she nursed since I had so much milk -- but I didn't care -- we were NURSING!

During this time, I stored so much milk that I was able to donate several months worth to my cousin, who couldn't produce her own breast milk. Her little girl, born just 6 days after Kayleigh, tried every formula available and medications but cried all the time. Once she was given my breast milk, she became a happy baby with no more reflux.

I couldn't believe it -- I was feeding two babies with my milk!!! 9 months later, I still have a champ nurser, and I'm still storing milk. I love nursing and happily give her the breast when she wants it.

Now that I can breastfeed, I wear Milk Nursingwear as your nursing tops make it easy to nurse discreetly anywhere.