nursing covers

At Milk Nursingwear, we offer both 5-in-1 and regular nursing covers from Bebe au Lait. For moms who prefer extra privacy, nursing covers are ideal. They are also one-size-fits-all and make a great gift for a new mom.

Our Collection of Breastfeeding Privacy Covers: Styles for Every Mom

Our nursing covers allow for flexible, adaptable coverage so you can feed your little one wherever your day takes you. The rigid necklines provide ample ventilation for your child. Our 5-in-1 covers and nursing scarves are super portable, soft, and offer multiple functions that will prove handy (and very cute) even after you’ve weaned!

Chic Breastfeeding Privacy Cover Styles

We’re all about reinstating style for moms on-the-go, starting with nursing covers that are as attractive as they are functional. Choose a print that will add cheer to your day and reflects your unique fashion sense. Our nursing covers do double duty when it comes to caring for your little one. When you’re not using your nursing cover for feedings, you can drape it over a bassinet or stroller as a stylish and effective sunshade.

Discover Apparel and Accessories for Nursing Moms

At Milk Nursingwear, we make it easy to shop the latest nursing covers, nursing dresses, tops, sleepwear, bras, and accessories including super handy nursing pads. We also offer free 2-3 day shipping on all orders over $75 so you can enjoy your purchases sooner. Have questions about our breastfeeding privacy covers? Feel free to reach out to our kind and accommodating customer service department at any time.