Feb 14th 2012

Milk Nursingwear

And the winners are...

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our wonderful customers! We enjoyed reading your “Share the Love” submissions the past 10 days and receiving your family photos.

And now, for the moment you’ve all been awaiting…

Convenience, modesty, comfort, and glamour - what's not to love?!” Those are the words of our grand prize winner, Grace! Congratulations on winning a $100 Milk Nursingwear gift card and thank you for sharing the love.

We also wish heartfelt congratulations to our 2nd and 3rd place winners, Krista and Elizabeth, who each won a $50 Milk Nursingwear gift card.

I don't have any Milk Nursingwear to love, but I would love to have some because I have twins due in 6 weeks!!!Krista, we know this gift card will be useful with the impending births of your children. Congratulations and enjoy our nursing clothes!

When I put on my Milk Nursingwear, I no longer feel like a "frumpy" mom but a REAL woman!!!Elizabeth, we are delighted to hear that our nursingwear makes you feel feminine once again!

To all of you who submitted an entry during our Share the Love contest, THANK YOU. We loved reading your submissions and seeing your fabulous photos. Just because the contest has ended doesn’t imply that you should be a stranger - - we love seeing your photos all year-long, so feel free to email them to us anytime for inclusion in our Faces of Milk page.

Have a love-filled day, today and always!