baby name trends 2016

Oct 20th 2016

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baby name trends 2016

babyThere's no shortage of trends when it comes to baby names. In years past, those included naming girls with boy names, as well as giving androgynous names to boys and girls. We've seen names running the gamut from food (Apple, Peanut, Peaches) to animals (Lion, Sparrow, Birdie) to occupations (Scout, Sailor, Pilot).

Here are the latest trends for baby names...

Virtue names for girls

Virtue names are nothing new. The real classics go way back. Parents are flipping this trend on its head and going for new, modern virtuous names. A name that carries not just religious meaning and symbol, but also one that represents qualities they hope their child will embody or aspire to. Some of the "modern" virtue names are Justice, Harmony, Journey, Honor, and Heavenly.

Old-man names for boys

Vintage names for girls are nothing new, but now it seems that this trend has jumped gender lines. Names like Oliver, Samuel and Max have been popular for so long that they no longer carry the label of being old-man names. No need to fret, these classics are in abundance - you just have to find the right one - a combination of old school and different, that is just cool enough so your son isn't teased. Don't be surprised at your next playgroup when you come across a Leonard, an Oscar or a Gus.

Daughters carrying on family name

Traditionally, the son carries on the family name. Some parents have decided they would like this practice to apply to their daughters. This has led to mothers giving their baby girls the same first name as their own or naming baby with her mother's maiden name.

Hybrid names

Many parents choose to name their baby in honor of a special person in their life. Sometimes the choice is a tough one, and they want to create of hybrid of two that they love. It is now in vogue to combine two names to create an entirely new name. For example, if your two favorite aunts were Joyce and Phyllis - you may just name your daughter Joiphyle. Or if you want to name the baby after your parents Brian and Michelle, you may call her Brielle.

Whatever name you choose, don't be intimidated by naysayers. You created this little being, it's one of the last times you will have complete control over something in its life!