Most Popular Baby Names for 2019

Jul 12th 2019

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Most Popular Baby Names for 2019

Halfway into 2019 the most popular baby names, according to the baby name tracking website  Nameberry, are new and surprising choices. For boys, it seems to have had some royal influence with Archie finishing up at the top spot. While for girls, Isla was the most popular. Maybe there was a little Hollywood impact there?

These are the 10 most popular names of 2019 so far, based on the number of views each name page receives on Nameberry:

Rank Boys Girls
1 Archie Isla
2 Milo Olivia
3 Asher Aurora
4 Jasper Ada
5 Silas Charlotte
6 Theodore Amara
7 Atticus Maeve
8 Jack Cora
9 Aarav Amelia
10 Finn Posie

Visit Nameberry for the top 100 names based upon 2019 half-year data.