Newborn Baby Checklist: Everything You Need to Get

Jun 27th 2019

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Newborn Baby Checklist: Everything You Need to Get

The Baby Checklist: All the Items You Need

As an expecting parent, you probably have a million things to worry about. Getting ready to welcome a new family member into your home and prepare for everything that you might need can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have prior experience. One thing that can cause a lot of headaches is making a thorough baby necessities checklist with all you need for a baby. To help make the task easier, here’s a newborn baby checklist that’s printable and easy to use which includes most of the necessities that you could need.

Baby Carrier

You will need to take your baby with you often, so you need to have a carrier that’s comfortable for both you and the baby.


A carrier is convenient when you need to stay mobile, but for those long walks in the park, a stroller is a much better choice, as it’s not only more comfortable for the child, but also doesn’t require you to carry him around.


Sleep is essential for the baby, as well as for you, so you need to find a stroller that will be safe and comfy and will help your child relax and fall asleep easier, so make sure you add it to your newborn checklist and give yourself time to find the right one.

Car Seat

When thinking of what to get for a baby, you usually first consider stuff that you’ll use in the house. But if you want to be able to travel with your baby in the car, you will need a car seat that meets the safety regulations and is a good size fit for your newborn, so make sure you add it to your baby checklist.

Baby Swing

Although this may not seem like a top priority on the baby item checklist, many parents find that a baby swing can be incredibly effective at helping your child to calm down, so you should seriously consider it.

Baby Bath

Washing and bathing your baby in a regular-sized bath can be inconvenient, so you should get a baby bath that will be easier to set up and fit your baby in.

Baby Chair

Baby chairs are great if you want to be able to hang out with your child in the kitchen or anywhere else where he doesn’t have a place to lay down.

Changing Table

When you have a baby, changing diapers will become a daily task, so you need to have an area to do it efficiently, which is why adding a changing table to your baby needs list is always a smart choice.


You should also get a fair amount of diapers so that you don’t have to run to the store in the middle of the night when they suddenly run out. Disposable diapers are always good to include on your baby checklist, but you might also want to consider cloth diapers that you can reuse multiple times.

Diaper Bag

If you don’t want to find yourself out of the house with the baby without diapers, you should get a diaper bag that will help you stash your on-the-go diapers more conveniently.


You will need your baby to feel warm and comfy, so you need to have plenty of clothes for both staying home and going out.

Nursing Bra

Although this isn’t technically for the baby, a nursing bra does help make both you and him more comfortable if you’re nursing, so it’s definitely something to consider adding to your baby checklist.

Baby Bottles

If you plan to bottle feed, or even just in case, you should add bottles to your baby needs checklist, as they can come in handy when you’re unable to breastfeed for some reason.

Baby Soother

When you’re back home with a newborn, every minute of rest will be crucial, and a baby soother can help keep your baby occupied and help him relax, so it’s something you must include on your new baby checklist. Make sure to get a few different ones so that you can check and see which one your child prefers.


If you don’t want to leave your baby in the dark, you could get a nightlight that helps you see him and might help keep the baby calmer.

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor can be very helpful if your baby will spend time or sleep in a separate room – you can keep it with you at all times and instantly know when your baby wakes up or starts crying.


You need to be able to monitor any changes in your child’s health, so if you notice any strange or unusual behavior, it’s good to be able to check for fever quickly. Therefore, definitely include a quick digital thermometer on your baby list.


You want to be stimulating your baby’s brain from his earliest days, so even though he won’t be able to grab or hold things initially, you can still buy toys such as mobiles that have vivid colors and to capture his attention and stimulate his senses.

When thinking of what to include in your first baby checklist, you must think not only of your baby but of yourself as well. At Milk Nursingwear, we have a wide selection of nursing clothing that’s both fashionable and comfortable. Shop now to find the perfect outfit!