Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist: What to Pack for Labor & Delivery

Jun 21st 2019

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Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist: What to Pack for Labor & Delivery

Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist: What to PackHospital Bag Checklist

Packing a pregnancy hospital bag is one of the most important tasks for any mommy that’s nearing her due date.

In fact, it might be smart to start 

hinking about it as early as the 30th week, as you’ll need to not only figure out what to pack in your hospital bag for pregnancy but also need time to buy all the necessities on your pregnancy hospital bag checklist in time for the big day.

Luckily, you don’t have to think of everything all on your own.

In this article, we’ll explore not only what to pack in your hospital bag for yourself, but also what you need to bring for the baby, as well as your partner.

Ready to get started? Then read on below!

What to Pack for You

When the time comes to go to the hospital, the last thing you want to do is scramble to get your stuff together as your contractions start getting stronger.

You need to be ready to go as soon as you feel like the baby might be coming, so here is a list of things that you should pack well in advance.

Pajamas and Socks

Although the hospital will provide you with what to wear during and after your pregnancy, you may want to have the option to wear something that is familiar and smells like home, which is why adding your pajamas and some warm, fuzzy socks to your hospital bag list might be a good idea.

Maternity Underwear

You will want to be comfortable after your pregnancy, so it’s a good idea to bring maternity underwear that is specially designed for women who have gone through labor.

Maxi Pads

Although the hospital will provide you with maxi pads to help with the post-labor bleeding, you may want to get your own brand that is more comfortable.


It’s likely that you’ll be spending a few days at the hospital, so toiletries such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, a hairbrush, and even shower gel or shampoo should all be part of your hospital bag checklist.

Nipple Cream

An item that expecting mothers often forget to include on their hospital bag packing list is nipple cream, and that’s unfortunate, as it can be a great relief during the first days of breastfeeding your baby.


During labor, you probably won’t be allowed to eat, but afterward, you might want to have something delicious to snack on instead of having to rely on hospital food, so it’s always a good idea to include something that you enjoy on your hospital bag checklist for labor and delivery.

Things to Keep You Busy

One thing that they don’t tell you about giving birth is that once it’s done, you still have to spend some time at the hospital. And since you won’t always be able to sleep, you should make sure that you bring something to keep you occupied such as a book, some magazines, or even games on your phone.

Maternity/Nursing Clothes and Nursing Bras

If you want to be as comfortable as possible after giving birth, you should think about bringing maternity/nursing clothes that are specially designed with mothers in mind in your hospital bag. Don't forget a nursing bra or two for easy access in nursing Baby. 

What to Pack for the Baby

You also need to remember that you won’t be leaving the hospital alone, so your new member of the family will need some stuff as well.

Outfit for Going Home

Once you’re ready to go home from the hospital, your newborn baby will need something to wear that’s comfortable. You should consider bringing clothes of a few different sizes, as you won’t be sure which size will be right until after your child is born.


Sure, hospitals usually provide you with diapers, but you might want to bring your own just in case. Also, consider that bigger babies may need Size 1 diapers, so include those on your hospital bag checklist for baby as well.


Although there’s some debate regarding the use of soothers, many mothers swear by them. During that first couple of days, when you’re still recovering from the labor and your milk hasn’t come in yet, soothers can be a huge help in getting the baby to calm down. You should bring at least a few different ones so that you can see which one your baby responds to best.

Car Seat

You must not forget to bring a car seat, as you might not able to leave the hospital without having one! You don’t want to be scrambling to bring it after remembering that you need it at the last minute, so it’s better to pack it beforehand and know that you are prepared.

What to Pack for Your Partner

After thinking about yourself and the baby, you should think about what you want to include on the hospital bag checklist for your partner, as he will likely spend nearly as much time at the hospital as you.

Blanket & Pillow

You want your loved one to be as comfortable as possible while he’s spending time with you at the hospital, and a blanket together with a pillow can make a huge difference in how much he’ll be able to rest.


When packing toiletries for yourself, think about your partner as well, bring his toothbrush, deodorant, and anything else that he might need because, for those few days, the hospital will basically be your home.

A Camera

You will probably want to capture those first moments with the new member(s) of your family, so you should include a camera on your hospital bag checklist. Luckily, today most people have smartphones with decent cameras, so that might be enough, but you should consider bringing a DSLR camera for that extra image quality if you have one.

Change of Clothes

Your partner might not always have time to go home and change, so bringing some socks, underwear, and t-shirts can go a long way to making his stay more comfortable.

When planning to deliver a baby, you need to think about how to make your experience as a newfound mother as comfortable as possible. Check out our wide selection of nursing clothes. They’re comfortable and stylish, the perfect combination you’ll need!