Feb 29th 2012

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Book review: Feeding Thomas

We recently learned of Feeding Thomas, a 4-page memoir written to give “hope to mothers as they begin their breastfeeding journey.” We just had to share it with you. So many mamas need support during the demanding days of nursing, and this author, Jessica Rassette, truly ‘gets’ it.

Here’s an excerpt from her story:

"After a c-section delivery, I was a groggy, stitched up jumble when the nurse first handed Thomas to me. But he looked beautiful. He was round and warm with sapphire pools for eyes and wispy little fingers that grasped for mine. Yes, he was beautiful. And hungry. I was lying in bed with my husband, Tom, standing on one side of me, and a gaggle of nurses flocking around the room when one nurse placed my new baby Thomas in my arms and said so casually "You can try nursing him if you want to." I looked up at Tom first for help, who stared back at me---blank. I scanned the room at all of the nurses while I waited for someone to catch wind of my awkward uncertainty. Surely someone was going to intervene. Surely someone would offer some instructions. I felt so uncomfortable, clumsily holding this hungry baby like I had never held an infant before. I cleared my throat and finally whispered lightly "I've never nursed before..."

To read more of Jessica’s inspiring story, visit her blog here. Her brief recollection of her struggles and triumphs may just give you the confidence that you need - or the warm feeling that you're not alone.