Sep 17th 2015

Milk Nursingwear

Breastfeeding Necessities for Nursing in Public

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Your first outing with your new baby can be overwhelming, especially at feeding time. The good news is that breastfeeding brings your necessities down to a minimum. All you need is you, your little one, some diapers and wipes!

That said, there are some additional items to help make feeding on-the-go more comfortable and convenient.

Nursing Top: A nursing top is a regular top that features hidden nursing openings to enable you to feed your baby without exposing your belly, breasts, sides or back. Milk Nursingwear's nursing tops look like regular, fashionable clothing from the outside. They do not scream "nursing top!" Nursing topscome in an variety of styles with different types of openings for accessing the breast. Common opening types are lift-up access, pull-down access and move-aside nursing access.

Nursing Cover: A traditional nursing cover is used for the ultimate in privacy to cover both you and your nursling. They work well for moms who are more comfortable being completely covered during feedings. They typically attach around your neck so they cannot be pulled (or fall) off.

Nursing Bra: Nursing bras maximize easy breastfeeding access. They are an essential part of making your breastfeeding experience a relaxing one. Wear one under your nursing top for the ultimate in accessibility.

Nursing Pads: During your early breastfeeding months, you may leak breast milk. Keep breast padshandy to ensure you do not stain your clothing, or have an embarassing situation.

Burp Cloth/Receiving Blanket: These are handy for when baby spits up.

Water: Nursing moms need to drink lots of water. Listen to your body and stay hydrated, for both you and your baby.

With these items in your arsenal, you will be able to nurse your child confidently no matter where you choose to breastfeed.

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