Aug 11th 2011

Milk Nursingwear

Comparison Shopping

Milk Nursingwear is defying the myth that nursing wear has to be dull and boring. When you choose to nurse your little one, the last thing you want is to give up your stylish wardrobe.

At Milk Nursingwear, you don’t have to.

We’ve done a little comparison shopping to see how our nursing tops and nursing dresses measure up to the trends of the season. And we’re here to report that they’re spot on!

Just a few hot trends we’ve captured that you won’t want to miss:

*Smocked floral dresses ~ Like daughter, like mommy. The Smocked look is widespread across young girls’ dresses as well as womenswear. And the floral pattern just says “summer” like nothing else can.

*Tiered Ruffles ~ We have seen them on tops and dresses, isolated to the bustline or cascading down the full-length of the garment. Tiered ruffles are soft, feminine and fashionable.

*Crossover Tops ~ The faux-wrap look is seamless, easy-to-wear and flattering to most figures.

*Halters ~ They are hot! Whether they adorn ruffles or a cinched waistline, come in chiffon or cotton, halter dresses are the “it” item of summer. Lightweight and great for a mom on-the-go.