Feb 21st 2012

Milk Nursingwear

Customer Love and New Faces!

Thank you for indulging us recently with your entries for our “Share the Love” contest. We were touched that so many of you took the time to share with us the reasons you love Milk Nursingwear and the ease it has brought to your life. And now, we’re sharing the love with all of you.

Enjoy a selection of new faces in our customer photo gallery that we received during the contest. We love your nursingwear images and thank you for sharing them with us and our customers!

Here is a sampling of submissions we received that we thought you might enjoy:

I love Milk Nursingwear because I'm a new nursing mom who feels confident and stylish in the way she is dressing! -Jenny


When I put on my Milk Nursingwear, I no longer feel like a "frumpy" mom but a REAL woman!!! -Elizabeth


I love that I am stylish yet have access to nurse my baby easily when I wear Milk Nursingwear. -Kristi


I love wearing Milk Nursingwear because my shirts are so soft & comfortable. -Anne


I love Milk Nursingwear because it gives me the freedom to be a mom to BOTH my kids- to get out to playdates or to the zoo or to the playground with my two year old while still being able to discretely feed my two month old. -Kate


Milk Nursingwear makes it easy and effortless to look elegant while expressing! -Sarah


I love wearing milk nursingwear because it makes me more confident to nurse in public with their easy access and discreet openings! -Allison


The thing I love most about milk nursing wear is that I can nurse my son with my dad, grandpa, friends in the room and no one feels uncomfortable because I am modestly covered! -Brittany


I love Milk Nursingwear because the designs are practical, comfortable, stylish, and reasonably priced. -Katie


I love Milk nursingwear because it makes it so easy and convenient to nurse baby any place, and look good doing it! :) –Rochelle


I love Milk Nursingwear because your styles are simultaneously sweet and sexy, yet comfortable, and they offer me a sense of modesty and stylishness as I nurse my little ones out and about town - and on one very daring trip abroad with our active one-year old. -Michelle


I love wearing Milk Nursingwear because it makes me feel like a sexy, confident woman at the same time it makes it easier to be a breastfeeding new mother. –Laura


I love wearing Milk Nursingwear because I look as beautiful on the outside as I feel inside when I share those nurturing times with my son. –Jennifer