Feb 11th 2016

Milk Nursingwear

Don't Forget These Freebies Before Leaving the Hospital

You think you've thought of have stocked the baby's room with new clothes, diapers, wipes, etc. Well, there is one place left to snag a few more goodies - your hospital room. Milk Nursingwear wants to remind you that there are some important items you must not leave without:

pacifierPacifier - Do you or don't you. This continues to be debated. Some moms refuse to allow a pacifier, while others of us are happy to feed their infant's oral fixation. The hospital will supply you with some pacifiers. If you choose to let baby sooth with a pacy, you will find that there are some styles she likes and others - not so much. It can't hurt to have extras around to see what works.

Baby Hats, Tees and Onesies - All hospitals will supply a traditional beanie-type, knitted cap to help keep baby warm. Others will also send home a tee or onesie with the hospital or doctor's name. These are fun to keep, as later in life you will forget just how small your little one really was.
receiving blanket 2

Receiving Blankets - You can never have enough receiving blankets which can also serve double duty as burp clothes. Take whatever they will give you.

Breast Pump Supplies - Some hospitals will supply you with a free manual breast pump. If you are lucky enough to receive one, be sure to hold on to it and take it home. It can't hurt to have an additional set of supplies.

id card and bracelet

Keepsakes - Items such as Baby's hospital bracelet and her hospital ID card will find a special place in her scrapbook or keepsake box.

Diapers and Wipes - Best to leave the hospital fully stocked. You will find they have the tiniest diapers ever for the wee ones.

postpartum suppliesPostpartum Supplies - No one warns you about the postpartum chaos. Items such as mesh underwear, pads, tucks, a peri bottle, and ice packs are a necessity. There's nothing pretty about mesh undies with a giant pad, but you will be so happy you brought extras home. You will be a bit messy and sore for a little while, so it's good to have these supplies on hand.

Bulb Syringe - Sure, you've already bought one, but it's good to have some extra. At some point, you can't really be sure if you've actually gotten it cleaned out very well.

underpadsDisposable Underpads - These serve two purposes, one to lay baby on to catch both spit up and urine - and two for you to lay on. As we mentioned earlier, things are a little messy for you the first week or so too.

Make sure to enlist your spouse, friends and family to amass whatever you can before heading home.