Aug 14th 2014

Milk Nursingwear

Earn Milk Money Reward Points

The Milk Money Rewards Program was created to thank and reward you for shopping on our website at! Enjoy discounts on our fashionable nursing tops and dresses when you redeem your Milk Money reward points.


The premise is simple...

Earn Milk Money points to earn dollars off future purchases at Milk.

Earn points 2 ways:

1. You earn one Milk Money rewards point for every dollar you spend at Milk Nursingwear, excluding taxes and shipping. You start earning Milk Money rewards points on your very first purchase. Each Milk Money rewards point is worth $.05 off a future purchase. You do not earn points on purchases in which you redeem points. Also, you must be logged into your account to redeem your points.

2. You also earn 25 Milk Money rewards points for each review that you write for a product you purchased from Milk. Once your review is approved, 25 Milk Money points will be credited to your account. Please note that you must be LOGGED IN to receive the Milk Money points for writing a review.


- You can redeem your points upon checkout on our Milk Nursingwear website at, but you must be logged in and enter the number of points you would like to redeem - not the dollar value of those points.

- You do not earn Milk Money rewards points on orders in which you redeem Milk Money rewards points, and Milk Money rewards points cannot be applied to tax and shipping.

- Once you create a registered user account on you will be enrolled in the program, and you will automatically earn points on your very first purchase.

- You can check your point balance any time by logging into your account on the Milk Nursingwear website and clicking on "view Milk Money rewards points."

- Your points NEVER expire

- If you return items that you earned Milk Money rewards points for, the points that you earned on the returned items will be deducted from your Milk Money rewards point balance.