For Grandparents' Eyes Only

Mar 7th 2019

Milk Nursingwear

For Grandparents' Eyes Only

If you’ve had a baby in the past couple of years, you most likely locked down a cool IG handle as soon as you had a name picked out. Times are changing. This year more parents are looking for a more intimate place to share photos of their child with those that are the most eager to see the tons of pictures you take each week – a.k.a. the grands and great-grands.

We have all become a little more careful about what we post and how often. While we want to make sure those close to us don’t miss a moment in baby’s life, no one wants to inundate our friends and acquaintances with a steady stream of pictures of our littles. Although some grandparents are all over social media and have no trouble navigating those waters, many others are not completely comfortable with a smartphone, let alone Facebook or Instagram. Not to mention, most of these kids will be none too happy one day when they get older and realize their entire life was forever captured on the web for all to see.

Many parents are now turning to photo sharing apps like Tinybeans or Tweekaboo to keep in touch with those that matter most and away from the noise of social media. They find it’s an easy way to share photos with specific family and friends, especially those not on social media, without feeling guilty about posting too much. So share away with no more worries about those bath-time shots coming back to haunt you later!