Baby Showers: To Unwrap or Not

Sep 26th 2019

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Baby Showers: To Unwrap or Not

Are you tired of watching your friends, who you dearly love, opening gifts at their baby showers? It can be the ultimate snoozer -- no matter how much you care for the mommy-to-be, and no doubt it's also exhausting for her!

For generations baby showers have staid the course of food, games and the unwrapping of gifts while all the guests ooh and ahh over every blanket, onesie and baby contraption. Recently, moms are attempting to make their baby showers less time-consuming, more eco-friendly, and basically just more enjoyable.

Have you considered bucking the traditional baby shower rituals? Here are some options to consider:

1. Display/Eco Baby Shower

Ask friends to bring an unwrapped gift with a tag attached so everyone knows who it's from. Have a spot for them to place the gift they brought so all your guests can peruse your loot while talking and eating. An alternative is to ask guests to use cellophane or clear wrap of some sort so they can still make them festive with bows and ribbon. 

2. Direct Ship Shower

Request that your gifts be shipped directly to your home. This alleviates the stress of getting everything loaded into your car and home. Your hostesses can create a gift board ahead of time with photos of the items you received, leaving you more time to engage with your friends and family. 

3. Entertain & Unwrap Shower

Still worried about disappointing Great Aunt Sophie by not opening her gift? How about starting the gift opening right away? Instead of mingling, then eating, and then opening presents, have those throwing the shower plan to serve the guests food and allow them to nosh while you are opening the gifts. This will help to keep the shower shorter and keep everyone occupied while watching you!

Now, just because you didn't open your gift in front of everyone doesn't mean you aren't appreciative of the time and money your guests spent to welcome your little one. It's super important that you spend quality time with each family member and friend and remember to write a lovely thank you note to each and every one in a timely manner.