Newborn Necessities: What You Really Need to Get Ready for a New Baby

Nov 27th 2019

Milk Nursingwear

Newborn Necessities: What You Really Need to Get Ready for a New Baby

If you’re a first-time parent, the stress of a new baby can be overwhelming. Not only are you dealing with a range of personal changes, but you also have to be focused on gathering all the newborn must-haves that your new bundle of joy will need. If it’s your first baby, you might not even know where to start. Diapers and clothes are obvious newborn necessities, but what else do you need to make your life with a new infant as easy as possible?

Here at Milk Nursingwear, we have the answers! Here you can find a list of everything you really need to get ready for a new baby.

Our Go-To Newborn Necessities:


As said above, diapers should be your most obvious purchase when you’re expecting a new little one. You should buy at least two boxes, as you’ll change your baby’s diaper roughly ten times a day when they’re young; however, don’t buy too many, too soon. Your little one may grow quickly, and it’s much easier to buy more than it is to get rid of ill-fitting diapers you already own.

Nursing Bras

While  nursing bras may not sound like newborn must-haves, they really are a necessity, especially if you plan to nurse your little one. Once your baby arrives, it may be hard for mom to find time to shop for nursing clothes and bras that fit her body, post-baby. Gather a small stock of nursing bras before your baby is born in one cup size larger than your pregnancy bra size. You’ll be thankful that you have bras waiting and ready-to-go when your little one is born!

Nursing Clothes

When you’re preparing for a new baby, it’s easy to focus completely on your little one and neglect the things that you need. For example,  nursing moms need a collection of nursing clothes! Invest in a few versatile nursing tops and stylish breastfeeding dresses that allow you to meet your baby’s needs, no matter where you might be. Nursing clothes aren’t strictly newborn necessities, but they are must-haves for every nursing new mom.

Baby Wipes Baby wipes are another must-have item on the list of newborn must-haves, but they’re easy to forget. If you want to make changing time much easier, be sure to stock up on a hefty collection of baby wipes.

Changing Mat or Table

When you’re changing your baby multiple times a day, you want to do it as efficiently as possible. Add a changing mat or table to your list of newborn-must haves! Mats are easy to take on-the-go, but they’ll get uncomfortable after a while. Changing tables are confined to your home, but they’re an organized and effective place to change those dirty diapers. If you can afford to, it’s best to get both to ensure that you can change your baby quickly and effectively, no matter where you are.

Diaper Pail

Once you have all those dirty diapers, what do you do with them? You can certainly throw them in your regular trash, but filling up your bathroom with newborn diapers doesn’t sound like the best idea (or most pleasant smelling). That’s why a diaper pail is an absolute must when it comes to newborn necessities. A diaper pail gives you a single place to throw all your dirty diapers that also keeps the odor contained. It may sound less important when it comes to newborn must-haves, but trust us—you’ll want this handy addition to your nursery!

Close-up of newborn baby feet


While you might be dying to dress your new baby in cute clothes, onesies (or footie pajamas) should be your first purchase for an infant. As popular newborn must-haves, onesies keep your baby wrapped in warmth from their head to their toes. While your little one is tiny, they’ll spend most of their time in sleepwear. Buy three to four different options to get a sense of what fits your baby best.

Newborn Hats

Your tiny new one is extremely susceptible to cold and germs in their first few months. To guard against the chill, infant hats are a wonderful newborn necessity. Newborn hats add extra warmth to any outfit, keeping the cold from seeping in through your baby’s head.

Car Seat

A baby in just a diaper lays on a bed.

Filling your home with baby-friendly items is often a top priority, but your car needs to be just as safe! This necessary item on the list of newborn must-haves needs to be purchased before your baby even arrives. Without a newborn-friendly car seat, getting home from the hospital might be tricky.

Baby Monitor

When your baby is sleeping, it doesn’t make sense to stick by their side until they wake up. Their rest time is the best opportunity to get your own stuff (including your own sleep!) done. However, you still want to keep track of your little one. Add a baby monitor to your list of newborn must-haves. That way, you can rest assured that your baby’s safe and taken care of while you putter around the house and complete all the chores you’ve been putting off.


Thankfully, blankets are an easy item to check off the list of newborn must-haves. Buy a few different types in different fabrics and sizes. Not only will you give yourself options, but you can also test out which fabrics make your baby most comfortable. In addition, be sure to purchase a few blankets that you don’t mind getting dirty since spit-up and other mishaps are common with newborns.


Your child isn’t going to live exclusively in your home, even as a newborn. If you want to go out and about comfortably with your baby in tow, you need to add a decent stroller to your list of newborn must-haves. If you want one with a bit of longevity, choose a model that allows your child to both sit and lay down. This allows for easy naptime on-the-go and adapts well as baby grows.

Now that you have a good idea of your newborn necessities, it’s time to go shopping! Browse  Milk Nursingwear today for all your nursing needs, including dual-function clothes that can be worn during maternity and beyond. Order today for free 2-3 day shipping on US orders over $75!