Mar 6th 2012

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Guest Blogger: Abigayle's Insights

Thank you to our guest blogger, Abigayle C., for sharing her insights on instincts. A mother does know best!

I chose to have my baby, Eleanor, breastfeed right after she was born. She nursed for over an hour! I thought she was a pro. I thought we wouldn’t have to work at all. I thought we were so lucky!

I thought.

Until the second night we were in the hospital. Exhausted and anxious to sleep, we were introduced to our upcoming nurse who claimed to be a lactation consultant. She asked how my breastfeeding was going. I looked down at Eleanor as she was going to town, and replied, “She’s a pro!”

Then the nurse said something that shattered my dreams. “Umm, I don’t think she’s latching right. I don’t even think she’s getting any milk!” She unlatched Eleanor, without permission, and immediately brought our breastfeeding to a halt. She grabbed all of these tubes, syringes, and my pump, and told me I’d have to choose between feeding Eleanor through a syringe or giving up. “Take your pick!” She said.

By the end of an overwhelming 2-hour lesson of how to feed with a syringe and tube, I began to cry uncontrollably. I told everyone I just wanted to go to bed. I apologized to Eleanor as they wheeled her to the nursery.

The next nurse that came on duty brought Eleanor to me to eat. I shook my head and said, “Ok, I guess I’ll try.” I placed her at my breast, and she nursed as she had since she was born. I pointed out all of the things we were doing wrong to my current nurse, a mother of 5 breastfed babies. “That nurse told you what?!” She took another look and told me that Eleanor was doing just fine. She said she saw milk dribbling from Eleanor’s cheek, so she was obviously getting milk.

I was confused, but I chose to go with the positive. I mean, how could I not? It was either go with the flow, or give up.

One week after Eleanor was born, she had gained an entire pound over her birth weight with being breastfed exclusively. The home nurse called my breast milk, “White Gold.”

The moral of my story is to let your baby tell you how things are going. If he or she is gaining weight, and you both are feeling happy and healthy, that is all that matters. Be confident and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Abigayle is a proud Minnesotan, a creative mother of two beautiful girls, and wife to a wonderful scientist.

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