May 13th 2012

Milk Nursingwear

Happy Mother's Day!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Milk Mamas! We hope you are enjoying this special day with your families.

Thanks to all of you who entered Milk Nursingwear's Mother's Day Drawing. We were so moved by your responses, and by the overwhelming joy and life perspective that you get from your child(ren). Thanks for sharing your pictures as well - you all look so gorgeous and happy! We are sharing a selection of entries with you here, enjoy reading them and we hope that they inspire you as much as they have inspired us.

Tune in tomorrow when we announce the winners of our Mother's Day drawing!

I love being a mother because...

...nothing is more special then seeing the happiness on my childrens face when they see me every morning! -Katie
...I have never known a love like this before in my life. –Carrie's amazing to see the world and all its wonder through new eyes. -Katie
...this little person has given me perspective, balance, focus and joy beyond what I ever knew was possible, and I now know a depth of love that I never thought was possible. –Jessica’s my calling! -Jessica children have healed my soul and given me a purpose. -Sarah
...every day brings something new and exciting. - Crystal son finds the simplest things amusing and it reminds me to slow down and appreciate them too! -Sarah
…,with my daughter, everything is magical. –Helen
...I get to wake up to a sweet little smiling face every morning and every night I get the biggest hugs imaginable before going to sleep. –Staci
...I enjoy being with my sweet son all day, and teaching him. -Katy
...I can relive my childhood through the eyes of my child.
...I love being a mother because you are the baby's world and the baby is your world. -Christine
...of how rewarding it is, how my children have given me their whole hearts unconditionally and how they make me a better person. - Tressa
...I am a lifelong learner and my child teaches me daily as he discovers the world. –Julia is the most rewarding job anyone could ever have. I call it job cause sometimes it is hard work being a SAHM but I feel like my paychecks of smiles, giggles and kisses from my 10 month old are better than money paychecks! -Jamie
...I get to know this tiny little person who is part of me and my husband. –Melanie
...of the overwhelming joy received from hugging my child, making her giggle, and turning her frowns upside down. -Christina
...I get to be amazed by him every day for the rest of my life. –Kelly gives me a great reason to go shopping! :-) -Melanie kids have made me more loving, stronger, selfless and an all around better person.
...I love the view of the world through my children's eyes. –Steffani
...the challenges are tougher and the rewards so much sweeter than anything else! -Maureen
...every time I see by baby smile or reach another stepping stone their life, I am blessed with such a feeling of joy that it wipes away my many worries and bad days. –Michelle
...I get to re-discover the joy of life through my child's eyes. –T.P. feels good to know that I am raising two handsome little gentlemen. –Dana
...of all the unlimited hugs and kisses I get!! -Rachel