Jun 4th 2009

Milk Nursingwear

Help - I have a wedding to attend!

When nursing moms get invited to a wedding - our first thought is, "what am I going to wear!" Formal clothes don't always lend themselves to breastfeeding - access can be a challenge. But don't despair, you CAN dress up and nurse your baby!

On a personal note, I can tell you that nursing my second child in the bathroom during a cousin's wedding in 1999 is what convinced me that I had to pursue my idea of developing a new line of nursingwear, one that included stylish dresses! I missed out on the emotional speeches and toasts that evening as I sat in the bathroom, dress up to my head to nurse. I knew there had to be a better way.

So here are fashion tips for those of you who will be attending weddings this summer:

  • Wear a stylish nursing dress so that you can nurse discreetly and do not have to remove yourself from the festivities for feedings.
  • Select a non-nursing dress that has buttons down the front. This provides access for feedings, and if you are able to cover up with a nursing privacy cover or a light blanket, you may be able to avoid having to excuse yourself to a bathroom or secluded area for feedings.
  • Wear a two-piece outfit so that you have easier breastfeeding access. Even more convenient is to wear a nursing top with a skirt, so that nursing discreetly is not an issue and you can stay in the party and nurse.
  • If you will be attending the wedding without your nursling, calculate whether or not you will need to pump or express milk during that time. If so, make sure that you are prepared and have everything you need.
  • Be sure to wear nursing pads to avoid leaking on your beautiful dress or top!
  • Here are some great dresses for summer weddings - and because these styles can go from casual to dressed-up with a change of accessories - you will enjoy wearing them all summer long.


You will be a lot more relaxed, confident, and will enjoy the wedding more if you are dressed for breastfeeding. It will mean less wrestling with your clothes and more time enjoying the celebration. If you have been to a wedding with your nursling and have other tips to offer, please click on the comments box below to share.