Help, I'm breastfeeding and don't know what to wear to a wedding!

Jun 15th 2017

Milk Nursingwear

Help, I'm breastfeeding and don't know what to wear to a wedding!

Do you have a wedding to attend this summer? Are you still nursing your little one? Milk Nursingwear can help!

Finding a dress to wear to a wedding or special event is hard enough. If you have to find one to breastfeed in, it can seem almost impossible. Formal and cocktail attire do not typically lend themselves to nursing. No worries -- we have a solution for you!

No more wrestling with your dress, hiding under a blanket, or missing the festivities while camped out in the bathroom. You will be more relaxed and confident when you are dressed for breastfeeding -- allowing for less wrestling with your clothing and more time being a part of the celebration.

Here are our suggestions to allow you to enjoy any events you will be attending this summer.

  • Wear a stylish nursing dress so that you can nurse discreetly and do not have to remove yourself from the party for a feeding.
  • Wear a two-piece outfit for easier breastfeeding access. A nursing top worn with a skirt makes for a versatile and convenient option. Once your event is over, you will be able to pair that same top with slacks, jeans, or shorts for a variety of wardrobe alternatives.
  • If you will be attending the wedding without your nursling, calculate whether or not you will need to pump or express milk during that time. If so, make sure that you are prepared and have all the supplies you may need.
  • Be sure to wear nursing pads to avoid leaking on your beautiful dress or top!

Here are some great dresses for summer weddings - and because these styles can go from casual to dressed-up with a change of accessories - you will enjoy wearing them all summer long. These dresses are sold in a variety of colors. Click on a dress for the product page and a display of various color options.