Apr 26th 2012

Milk Nursingwear

Ideas for Spring & Summer Fun with your little one!

This is one of our favorite times of year, and not just because we’ve brought out our new bright and beautiful spring nursingwear collection; but because it’s a time to re-enter the “outside” world after a long winter.

We can imagine how excited you must be to leave the house with your little one, and introduce her to the spring air that is so fresh.

We have compiled a fun list of entertaining and stimulating activities for you and your baby to enjoy together.

*Balls~ Babies love playing with balls. Let her roll it, or you can bounce it and let her watch in amazement.

*Bubbles~ Bubbles evoke springtime, and they fascinate babies. Blow a bunch and watch baby try to catch them.

*Nature~ Collect an assortment of pine cones, leaves, grass, and sticks, and allow baby to explore the different textures with her hands and feet. (No mouths!) Or lie very little ones on their belly for outdoor tummy time.

*Water play ~ Splish! Splash! Babies love to play in the water. With just a few inches and a bunch of toys (think boats, cups, sponges, and funnels from the Dollar Store), you’re set with an activity that may even last more than 3 minutes.

*Baby swings ~ Take your baby to the park and push them in the swing! It’s a great way for them to explore movement and feel the fresh breeze on their bodies.

*Sandbox play ~ It’s a “love it or leave it” kind of activity, but for those mamas that can handle sand all over and for babies that can sit up, allow him/her to explore in a sandbox. Again, with a range of toys (bucket, shovel, funnel, cups), it’s a great sensory destination.

*Fingerpaints ~ If you’re Type A and worry about giving your baby non-toxic fingerpaints in the house, it’s a great time of year to let them explore outdoors. Get a big sheet of craft paper, let her make a “masterpiece” and hose her off afterwards. Clean-up is a breeze.

*Animals~ Visit a local pond and feed the fish and ducks. Or, if you have a petting zoo in your area, your baby may enjoy strolling around and touching a few animals. Or, of course, it’s a great time for the zoo.

It’s a time to enliven your child’s senses and encourage her development by presenting her with a variety of new outdoor activities. All of these activities will help promote language acquisition and allow her to use her senses in a novel way: smelling the flowers, hearing birds chirp, seeing the sights that surround, and feeling the grass (outdoor tasting not suggested).

As you know, we love receiving photos of you and your family. So once you’ve had some time to explore the activities above, send us your family favorites!