Oct 27th 2009

Milk Nursingwear

Introducing eco-Milk, our new line of 100% organic nursingwear

We are excited to introduce eco-Milk - our new line of 100% organic nursingwear! By buying and using organic products you are doing something good for the environment, for your nursling and yourself!

The word "organic" is used so often these days - but what does it mean in terms of clothing?

Conventional practices for growing cotton have become heavily reliant on the use of chemical pesticides. Cotton occupies approximately 3% of the earth's farmland but uses 25% of the world's chemical pesticides. These chemicals find their way into our air, plants, soil and water. Over time this is damaging to the environment and to the eco-system. As insects develop resistance to pesticides, the chemicals developed to harm them get more potent and more toxic to the environment.

Organic cotton is grown using natural fertilizers and no toxic chemicals or pesticides. Traditional farming methods such as crop rotation such as crop rotation are used to help replenish and maintain soil fertility. People with allergies or chemical sensitivities particularly benefit from wearing organic clothing but really it is good for all of us, and for our planet.

What makes eco-Milk unique?

  1. It's GOTS (Global Organic Textile System) certified. GOTS is a standard that was developed to define requirements of organic status of textiles. It ensures that from the time the cotton is planted to the time it is knit into clothing that only organic methods are used. Because eco-Milk is GOTS certified you can be assured that it is organic.
  2. It contains 100% organic dyes. Some organic clothing uses only organic fabric but is colored with conventional dyes using strong chemicals. Eco-Milk uses both organic fabric and organic dyes.
  3. It’s fashionable! Who says organic and Nursingwear can’t be a chic combination?

What do you think of our new Organic eco-Milk line? Do you seek out organic products? Post your comments and feedback and share with us.