Look Mom, No Hands!

Oct 17th 2019

Milk Nursingwear

Look Mom, No Hands!

Hands-free breast pumps are the latest - and seemingly greatest - tool to assist moms in making their breastfeeding journey an easier one.

Nursing mothers are on the hunt for these wireless breast pumps, and brands like Freemie, Elvie and Willow are coming to the table with breast pumps needing no cords or tubes. This fairly recent technological wonder slips underneath your bra and doesn’t need to be hooked up to an outlet, meaning you can do housework, run errands, head into a meeting…you get the idea.

No sitting around half dressed or hiding in a closet or lactation room. These quiet and sometimes soundless pumps allow moms to successfully multi-task. Just think, no more being tethered to a pump plugged into the wall, no more cleaning out the tubes. This next generation of breast pumps will allow you to pump discreetly and go about everyday life without a second thought.

No matter which wireless breast pump appeals to you most, it's clear this far more efficient, discreet design will be the future for busy moms everywhere.

For those of you that are not quite ready for this new technology and prefer a more traditional pump, consider wearing our Milk Nursingwear nursing tops or nursing dresses while pumping to allow for a more convenient and comfortable experience.