Nov 13th 2011

Milk Nursingwear

Milk launches new line of eco-friendly bamboo nightgowns!

If you haven’t checked out our new maternity and nursing nightgowns, don’t delay!

We just launched two new Bamboo sleep gowns in our tried-and-true, proven styles: the Crossover gown and the Braided gown. They both simplify night feedings by offering an empire seam that lifts up or moves over easily for breastfeeding access.

But they aren’t exclusively for sleeping. We’ve “caught” customers wearing them around town or to lounge in their homes during the day, especially during those days early on when baby doesn’t distinguish between day and night. (Who has time to get changed come dawn?) Eco-Friendly Bamboo Nightgowns

And, if you aren’t yet aware, Bamboo has become a highly coveted fashionable fabric for all of the great benefits it offers. It is a renewable resource (think: great for the planet!) and features anti-bacterial, breathable and naturally moisture-wicking qualities (perfect for you and baby!).

Machine washable and priced at $49, this may just become one of your wardrobe essentials. Shop now!