Oct 16th 2014

Milk Nursingwear

Milk Nursingwear Features Guest Blogger Jessica Sanders

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My little girl is officially a toddler. The days of easily caring for a sleepy newborn I could wear while I work are over. Like watching a butterfly transform through metamorphosis, she has come out of her cocoon. Instead of being a lofty butterfly, she is now my tiny tornado -- my pint-sized wrecking ball, able to destroy my house in a single hour. I feel this new chapter is the most challenging and rewarding part of our journey.

My babe has been breastfeeding since birth and stopped taking a bottle at 3 months old. I have the luxury of running my business from home. The first year was amazingly easy for us. Well, that's the way I remember it now. I loved the days of wrapping her up and nursing her while I worked. I was as efficient as the Hindu Goddess Durga (eighteen arms and all).

These days things are a little more complicated. My business is growing rapidly and requires my focus to make it successful. At a moments notice, I could turn around and find her perched on the top of her table toy or sitting on my bookshelf reading books. Staying on task when you have a very mobile, climbing toddler feels like my largest challenge as a parent to date. Taking conference calls while she is running, climbing, and practicing her pterodactyl screech requires its own special set of skills. The one fail-safe I have is to let her nurse while she plays. She will stand between my legs and pull on my blouse while releasing a rapid squeal to let me know my lactation superpowers are needed. I can't stop every time these days to have a cuddle nursing session. Jessica 2 Instead, I let her nurse standing right there between my legs. I feel like a drive through. Many times I'm typing or on a conference call, and my daughter is latched on with a toy in her hand. After a few minutes, she's back off and running to play with the stuffed animals in her play tent. She has blossomed into such a funny little person; a complete ham!

I am savoring this stage in our journey, and I can’t wait to see where we are headed next. I’m the only woman in my family to nurse past a year in over three generations. I love the way it has taught me to mother my daughter. I can’t see our journey ending anytime soon.

Jessica Sanders is the founder of and a regular blogger at She is featured here in Milk Nursingwear'sSmocked Sleeveless Sundress in spring green.