Apr 16th 2015

Milk Nursingwear

How does Milk Nursingwear work?

1843_11-710socialMilk Nursingwearenables women to breastfeed conveniently and discreetly wherever they go.

How is nursing in a "regular" top different than breastfeeding in a Milk Nursingwear "nursing" top?

When you breastfeed in a regular top, you have to lift your shirt above your breast to nurse, inevitably exposing parts of your stomach, sides, back and breasts.

Nursing in a regular dress is even more difficult because you have to lift the dress up over your breast. Some moms feel uncomfortable with the attention that this will draw and the reactions they will get.

Milk Nursingwear enables you to nurse discreetly, without showing any skin or needing to wrestle with your clothes.


All of Milk Nursingwear's styles feature hidden nursing openings to enable you to breastfeed discreetly and pump conveniently wherever you go. From the outside no one can tell that these are not "regular" trendy fashions!

We have three different types of nursing openings:

1. Lift up nursing access: Simply lift up the empire layer and push down the inner layer to access the breast.empire scoop neck nursing top by Milk Nurisngwear

2. Pull down nursing access: Pull down on the cowl neckline and then lift up the inner nursing panel to access the breast.cowl neck nursing top by Milk Nursingwear

3. Move aside nursing access: Move the front fabric to the right or left to access your breast for feeding.gathered loop nursing top by milk nursingwear

The advantage of Milk's nursing openings is that they are well-placed, and well-sized to enable you to latch on and nurse easily while remaining covered. Our nursing openings also work well when nursing in a sling.

When you are breastfeeding while wearing Milk's stylish nursing tops and nursing dresses, it is likely that people will just think that your baby is sleeping in your arms.