Feb 21st 2014

Milk Nursingwear

Milk Nursingwear's Love Notes

milk logo with heartsThank you for your rave reviews, feedback, and comments about Milk Nursingwear during our Share the Love Valentine's Day contest. We took each of your entries to heart and love hearing how our stylish nursing designs make a difference to you and your nursling.


Here is a sampling of the contest entries - read about why nursing moms love Milk Nursingwear!

I love Milk Nursingwear because…

As a pregnant breastfeeding mother, I just wouldn't feel as good about myself without its fashionable, colorful, durable, and body-flattering clothes! -- Amanda

Heading out for another day around town in super cute Milk Nursingwear that's so soft and easy to wear! -- Danielle

The clothes make you feel beautiful and stylish even when nursing! One of the few nursing wear lines that's devoted to nursing moms, not nursing/pregnant moms, which by the way, do not have the same bodies! Keep the gorgeous clothes coming! -- Jessica

The styles are pretty and modern and look just like the kind of clothes I like to wear even when I'm not nursing. -- Melissa

I feel free, free to nurse and not be restricted in my clothing options. -- Tessa

It lets me be modest yet stylish at the same time, and a happy comfortable mama makes all the difference when trying to breastfeed. -- Angela

It lets me do two of my favorite things in comfort and style: 1) nurse my baby girl and 2) wear dresses. I didn't realize how rare good nursing dresses are until after she was born. Thanks for filling the gap Milk! -- Grace

It brings convenience to my hectic life. -- Lori

It makes it easy to breastfeed my baby discreetly. A few days ago someone asked me if my 8 month old was weaned and I replied, "no, he's nursing right now." They couldn't even tell! -- Renee

It makes breast feeding just a little more comfortable and a lot more stylish! -- Emily

I always look fashionable, never frumpy, while nursing my child. The clothes are on trend and fit well on any body type. Thank you for making my nursing journey so much cuter and easier! -- Kimberly

It allows me to look good while discreetly nursing. I am a very modest and private person, and Milk Nursingwear allows me to feel comfortable nursing in public! -- Bekah

I struggle using a cover, and these tops and dresses are both stylish and super functional. Breastfeeding is wonderful, and there aren't many companies that specialize in cute nursingwear. Thank you so much for producing such a great line of clothing. -- Kristine

It helps this modest mommy feel like she can get out and do stuff without exposing herself. The clothes are beautiful and well made. -- Jenny

After feeling so unattractive for 9 months, it's an amazing feeling to be able to slip on a beautiful Milk dress that's nursing accessible and nurse my beautiful baby! -- Nichole

I love to nurse my babies, and I want to look feminine and confident and stylish at the same time. No more oversized t shirts and lack of dresses and ugly nightgowns with slits cut for me! Only the cutest, freshest, most comfy clothes that my non-nursing friends are jealous of -- and that I will want to wear way after weaning! -- Joanna

They are comfortable, stylish and allow me to nurse discreetly. these products! -- Moradonna

Thank you for sharing your love for Milk Nursingwear!