Mar 20th 2014

Milk Nursingwear

Milk Nursingwear's Top 10 Facebook Fan Pages for Parenting


There are so many Facebook pages dedicated to helping us navigate the uncharted waters of parenting that it can be an overwhelming task to sort through them all.

We have compiled a list of our favorite parenting Facebook pages.…covering topics from traveling with your kids, to healthy eating, to breastfeeding.

Must-follow Facebook fan pages for parenting:

(in no specific order)

  1. Cool Mom Picks

    Cool Mom Picks finds the coolest gifts, gear, tech and resources so you don't have to. Their page gives access to exclusive fan-only offers and giveaways. Chat with other moms about everything parenting. They also have a soft spot for indie products and services, particularly those from emerging designers and mom/women-run companies.

    cool mom picks

  2. Birthing, Bonding & Breastfeeding

    Birthing, Bonding & Breastfeeding is dedicated to helping mothers have the birth and breastfeeding experiences of their choice. The site also highlights prenatal and breastfeeding classes and education available to families in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

    birthing, bonding and breastfeeding


    The KellyMom Parenting Community supports breastfeeding and gentle parenting practices. They provide a supportive, caring place for parents to come and interact as well as research based parenting and breastfeeding advice.


  4. Best for Babes Foundation

    Best for Babes Foundation aims to give "Breastfeeding a Makeover." They hope to help all moms make feeding decisions for their child without pressure, judgment or guilt and help them achieve their breastfeeding goals.

    best for babes foundation

  5. Parents Magazine

    Parents Magazine helps parents traverse the challenges of parenthood by understanding the issues and obstacles parents face. They make it a priority to answer questions, address concerns, advocate causes, and celebrate the joys of parenthood. Each month, they utilize the knowledge of their nearly 16 million readers to in support of children.

    parents magazine

  6. Alpha Mom

    Alpha Mom provides non-judgmental support and advice from other moms and parenting professionals, while trying to help women embrace motherhood with confidence. They are tolerant of all styles of parenting and feel moms can all learn from each other.

    alpha mom

  7. Super Healthy Kids

    Super Healthy Kids specializes in making fruits and vegetables fun, simple, and delicious. This is a great resource for parents who are looking for ideas, recipes, and tips for feeding their kids healthier and living better.

    Screenshot (25)

  8. BabyCenter

    BabyCenter provides trusted advice from hundreds of experts around the globe, medical advisory board-approved information, friendship with other moms, and support at every stage of a child’s development. They understand and embrace each family’s differences giving parents the information they need to make decisions that are right for them. Their goal is to help them gain confidence, enjoy parenting more, and let go of some of the guilt and worry that comes with being a parent.


  9. Trekaroo

    Trekaroo is a great way to get the inside scoop on everyday travel with kids. With thousands of kid-friendly activities, hotels, and restaurants, Trekaroo unearths helpful and interesting discoveries near and far. They encourage parents to explore the world with their little ones.


  10. United States Breastfeeding Committee

    The United States Breastfeeding Committee is a non-profit trying to improve the Nation’s health by supporting, protecting and promoting breastfeeding. They continue to try and advance it on our Nation’s agenda through collaboration, leadership, and advocacy.

    united states breastfeeding committee


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