May 19th 2016

Milk Nursingwear

Milk Thanks You for Sharing!

We had an amazing response to our Mother's Day contest. So much so that we wanted to share some of the beautiful photos and entries expressing why you love being a mother.

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I love being a mom because the love and trust that my babies give me is something that can't be defined; it is something that could never be felt any other way. Becoming a mom is learning what love truly is. ~ Vanae

I love being a mom because you are shaping the minds of the future generation. ~ Sarah

I love being a mom because it's been a beautiful transformation in my life. Becoming a mother has stripped away any selfishness left in me and has had a way of putting what's important in life into perspective; my family. ~ Jennifer

I love being a mom because it is a path in life that was full of struggles in the beginning. Every medical professional told us it would be impossible for me to get pregnant naturally, but God is the ultimate healer and provider. He blessed us with not just one but two beautiful healthy children. I love the immense love I have for them and knowing they have the same for me. It has been an incredible blessing being a mama to two. Every hug is tighter and every kiss is sweeter after fighting so hard for them. ~ Miriam