Sep 23rd 2011

Milk Nursingwear

Musings of a working mom

Thanks to Ann for emailing Milk to share her experiences of being a working, nursing mom!

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I am a working mother of two. With my first, I went back to work and she (went) to daycare at less than 3 months old (!). I actually went back to work with her after 4 weeks. I had meetings in my office when she was just 4 weeks old!

I would have out-of-town meetings, so I would pump while driving. I used a poncho over my clothes, hooked up the pump before I got on the road (or stopped to set it up) and then pumped while driving. I used a hands-free nursing bra to do this. I had both a summer and a winter-weight poncho.

I pump at my office every day - lucky to have an office with a door that closes and locks - and I continue to work (sometimes). With this baby there's Facebook (there wasn't with my daughter) to divert my attention.

With my son, I nursed him at 5 weeks old, in a sling, during a new-client pitch meeting with one of my staffers next to me. It was interesting. The meeting ran long but when he got fussy I simply said "I'll put him in my sling" and then proceeded to latch him on under it. We got the client. I wore a jersey wrap dress with nursing tank to the meeting - it was my only 'good' outfit for that stage of postpartum size.

I practiced a week earlier at a coffee shop with a friend and found my cover up scarf was insufficient, so I used my sling for the meeting (with a long tail so I draped it over him). If you're lucky enough to take your baby to work, it's important to practice in public but in the presence of friends, so you can feel confident that you can continue to carry on the conversation at work with a new baby.

My go-to dress is a turquoise blue "knotted waist dress" from Milk (I think I wear it at least once a week). I also have a jersey wrap dress worn over a nursing tank that I can also nurse in easily. I find nursing dresses to be the most comfortable, second would be a nursing top under a business suit jacket which offers excellent coverage.

My favorite working mom pic is of the Italian U.N. representative in her suit, with a Moby wrap over it, her sleeping daughter in the wrap. A UK newspaper ran the story last year.

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