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Nursing and Breastfeeding Tops

Milk Nursingwear’s breastfeeding shirts are designed to make your life easier (and more fashionable!) by providing easy and discreet access for pumping and nursing. Each of the breast feeding tops in our shop feature hidden openings, so you can nurse your child easily wherever you go. This means that there is no need to seek out a private area for feeding when your baby gets hungry.

Our range of cute nursing tops includes professional styles for work, t-shirts for every day, nursing tank tops, and even breast feeding shirts that you can dress up for a party. Our shirts are offered in stripes, prints, and in a wide range of solid colors. We know that mamas are super busy, so all of our breastfeeding shirts are made from soft, high quality fabrics that are also easy care and machine washable.

Our goal is to help women look and feel great at this special time in their lives, by designing the best nursing shirts in terms of both fashion and function. Milk Nursingwear is a women run company that was started by a nursing mother of four who could not find professional and stylish clothing to wear to work or for special occasions. Having birthed four babies in under six years she spent way too many weddings stuck in the bathroom with a (non-nursing) dress over her head while feeding her baby – and missing out on the event. She also found herself trying to find appropriate apparel to pump in at a professional work place and came up empty. She realized that other women must be looking for professional tops for breastfeeding and fashionable nursing clothing as well. She decided to launch a new brand of high-quality fashionable nursingwear for all occasions, and Milk Nursingwear was born. 

We have been designing nursingwear for over 20 years and are experts at it! We have the best nursing shirts on the market. Our nursing openings are well-placed and easy to use, our fabrics are stretchy and comfortable, our tops for breastfeeding do not look like they are designed for breastfeeding at all. We have perfected the art of both function and fashion.

When shopping for nursingwear on other websites, be aware that many brands sell what they call “nursing friendly” breastfeeding shirts, which is NOT the same as our nursing shirts. Nursing friendly simply means that you can access your breast for feedings – for example the nursing friendly shirt may have buttons down the front, or a zipper, or have a stretchy neckline that can be pulled down below the breasts. The difference between those nursing tops and Milk Nursingwear’s breastfeeding shirts and t-shirts is that ours offer you complete discretion while nursing. With our nursing tops with hidden openings, you can be covered up while breastfeeding. Often people will just think your child is sleeping in your arms.

In addition to tops for breastfeeding, we also sell nursing tank tops, nursing dresses, plus size nursing clothes, nursing and maternity bras and other products for the nursing mom. If you are looking for great deals on cheap nursing tops, check out our nursing wear sale page. We have four different types of nursing openings and you can read about them and see photos and videos of them here, on our “how do nursing tops and nursing bras work” page. Different women prefer different types of openings. You can search our selection of breastfeeding shirts by type of nursing opening, by using the filtered search options on the left side of this page.

Read through our over 7000 customer reviews to see much moms love our clothes, how our breastfeeding shirts and dresses have made nursing mother’s lives so much easier, and how women rave about our excellent service. We are here to help. We have a flexible 60-day return policy. If you have any questions about our breastfeeding shirts, need help figuring out what to buy, want to know what size or style will fit you best, or if you have any other questions, please reach out to us via email or phone. We love hearing from customers.