Oct 21st 2009

Milk Nursingwear

Shop Plus-sized nursing bras at Milk Nursingwear

Milk Nursingwear now offers plus sized nursing bras in sizes up to 40F! One of our best selling nursing bras, the Melinda G tee-shirt contour nursing and maternity bra is now in stock and available in "fab curvy" sizes, which are specially made for well-endowed nursing moms. This is a comfortable bra that offers excellent support, and looks smooth under tee shirts to boot.

For those of you seeking plus-sized nursing bras, don't miss our plus-sized nursing workout bra by La Leche League in sizes up to 3X and our plus-sized molded sleep bra in sizes up to 2X.

What is your favorite nursing bra? Is there a nursing bra that you want that you do not see on our website? Please post a comment and share.