size chart

Please refer to our garment size chart to find your size for Milk Nursingwear nursing tops, nursing dresses and nursing sleepwear. Refer to our bra size chart to find your correct size for purchasing nursing and maternity bras from our website.

Make sure you have a soft tape measure on hand to take your measurements. For the garment size chart, please note that the bust and hip measurements should be taken at the widest part of the bust and hips.

garment size chart

sizedress size up tobust up towaist up tohips up to
xs (2/4) 34" 26" 35"
s (6/8) 36" 28" 37"
m (10) 38" 30" 39"
l (12/14) 41" 33" 42"
xl (16/18) 44" 36" 45"
1x (20/22) 47" 39" 48"
2x (24/26) 50" 42" 51"

bra size chart

There are many ways to deter- mine your correct bra size. If you already have a nursing bra that fits you well, we recommend ordering that size. If not, we recommend selecting your size by following the instructions below.

If the difference betweer your cup measurement and band size is:then your cup size is:
2 inches B cup
3 inches C cup
4 inches D cup
5 inches DD cup
6 inches E cup
7 inches F cup
  • Using a soft tape measure, measure snugly all the way around your body, just under your arms, and below your breasts. If the number is an even number, this is your band size. If it is an odd number, round up to the next even number. This is your band size.
  • Next measure around your body at the fullest part of your breasts and note that measurement.
  • Subtract your band size from your breast measurement, and refer to the chart below to find your cup size.