How does a springtime birth impact you?

Apr 12th 2018

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How does a springtime birth impact you?

We know spring brings new life, warmer weather and smiles to our faces, but did you know that those born in spring may also have a sunnier disposition and outlook on life?

For many years astrology has attempted to give us insights into ourselves based on our date of birth. Now science is investigating those same theories. New research suggests that the season of your birth may affect both your health and your personality.

Being born during the springtime may impact your well-being, here's how:

  • You may be less at risk for a mental health disorder.
  • You may be more optimistic.
  • You could be more creative.
  • You’re more likely to become a leader.

Sounds like spring is a great time to come into the world!

via Lindsay Holmes @ Huffington Post