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Lift Up Nursing Access
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Best Sellers
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Everyday Essentials
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Prints and Stripes
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Tandem Nursing & Pumping Friendly
Plus sizes available!

Striped solid yoke nursing top in red



  • Super flattering nursing top featuring angled layers
  • Red and cream wide stripes with a solid red yoke and sleeves
  • No one will know this is a nursing top, so you can enjoy wearing this top long after your nursing days are done
  • NOTE: Sizes 1x and 2x have two angled layers instead of three
  • Also available in a coral/cream or navy/cream color combination
  • Nurse effortlessly and on-the-go by simply lifting the top layer to access nursing openings on either side
  • Fabric is 94% rayon, 6% spandex
  • Machine wash cold, gentle; tumble dry low heat

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