test.jpgWe love getting letters and emails from our customers.  Here are some recent letters from our customers.  We would love to hear from you too, please email us to let us know what you think of Milk!

Click here to see pictures our customers have sent us wearing their Milk Nursingwear!

Just want to say thank you for this wonderful dress! I had a baby shower to go to and the two way dress looked great, I felt great and it worked great for nursing!!! ~Rachel

You guys are truly amazing. I was so worried about finding a dress that was simple yet manageable with nursing and I found you guys! Will be definitely doing more business again! ~ Jayme

Thank you for the clothes. At work, it is easiest for my team and I that I could pump even when people wanted to come into my office to talk to me, and discreet pumping clothes made it easier. During one particularly bizarre moment during my clinic's move, I ended up pumping in the same room the pediatrician was lecturing 3 physicians without feeling exposed. Worth it though - in about 3 weeks my baby and I celebrate breastfeeding for the first year! ~ Sarah

I love the site and seeing REAL bodies wearing the clothes!! I think it's amazing. ~ Lisa

Grateful to have found out about Milk to make my nursing and pumping life SO much easier! ~ Andrea

I really liked your exchange policy. Super easy and very efficient. Some other companies make it more tricky and costly. So thank you. ~Jenna

Thanks for the great customer service. I'll definitely keep recommending you to others since I get compliments on my top every time I wear it ~ Kristen

These products hold up well and seem to be superior to other nursing clothes I've purchased! ~ Leslie

Thank you, I love your clothes. My son is two and still nursing and I love that I can nurse him easily and not look like I"m wearing nursing clothes. I have several items I bought when he was born and they have washed SO WELL. I tried a few other brands and the fabric is often such low quality. Thank you for this attention to detail - it is appreciated. I am sick of buying $20 tops that look like crap after two washes. I'd much rather spend a medium amount and have something that will last. ~ Sarah

Thank you! My daughter is so pleased with the green striped dress. Her second baby is due tomorrow, and she looks forward to wearing her new nursing clothes! ~ Gina

These shirts make my life nursing my little one so much easier and stress free.  They will help make our family vacation less stressful in one way! ~ Diane

You guys are awesome! That dress is adorable! Thank you ~ Lacy

Thanks again for all of your help!! I will definitely recommend Milk Nursingwear to other new moms! ~ Ilissa

Thank you for having such wonderful costumer service. That is something that seems to be hard to find these days, and I will be sure to share this with all of my momma friends. ~ Kimberly

Thank you very much for your time and attention. It is truly refreshing to see a company that responds and cares about its customers. I will extend my satisfactory experience about your company to others. ~ Colin

I'm glad to have found a company that has a a great product and cares about their customers. ~ Rowan

Thanks for the amazing customer service! ~ Cassie

I love Milk's clothes. I get compliments all the time from folks who don't even realize I'm wearing a nursing top/dress. ~ Rachel

I love your products. Thanks for the sales. They make nice clothes for hardworking mamas with modest budgets possible. ~ Samantha

I absolutely LOVE the tops I ordered. I wish I didn't wait so long to buy from you all! It is so nice to have flattering plus size nursing wear. ~ Kim

I have bought several of your tops for my daughter. She has a 6 month old baby girl and your tops have really made it easier for her to go places and still be able to take care of her needs!! ~ Beth

WOW!!!!!! Your customer service is amazing. ~ Robin

I'd like to let you know that both my grandma and I have been thrilled with your customer service! The original order arrived quickly, and the products are of wonderful quality. My grandma is a happy repeat customer, having purchased clothing from your site for my cousin when she was nursing both of her babies. Keep up the amazing work! ~ Meghan

I really, really, REALLY appreciate your help. My gratitude is sincere; this is truly some of the best customer service I’ve ever received via an online vendor.  Thank you, again, for everything! ~ Rhonda

Thank you Milk Nursingwear for making it easy to shop for nursing clothing. I love how the photos of the shirts includes a preview of how you would access your breast for nursing and pumping. It takes the guess work out of shopping. I can't believe no one else does this. It's one of the main reasons I buy all of my nursingwear here. My favorite items currently are the contrast striped tulip-front nursing top and the striped solid yoke nursing top (I have in navy and red). I wore the striped solid yoke as a maternity shirt and now as a nursing shirt. The tulip-front nursing top was a bit short for me to wear as a maternity shirt but love as a nursing shirt. I have received compliments on both shirts. Expecting and nursing mothers were excited to hear that they were nursing tops. Even my husband gave me a compliment on the tulip-front nursing top. I find the fit true to size, the materials soft, and the quality pretty good. ~ May

Just received an XL nursing dress. I LOVE IT!!!! I was able to nurse the twins at church and a restaurant with ease! And it's very comfortable! When I returned home, I actually thought "wow, I don't even feel the need to slip into my jammies!" Thank you for making such a great product! I immediately jumped online and ordered more items. ~ Renee

I've never written one of these before but I have to say that I am beyond in love with your clothes!!! I have two dresses that were so comfortable and so easy to nurse in - I've worn them to weddings as well as in more casual environments and I've gotten so many compliments! I recommend this company to everyone I know who is pregnant or nursing. Thank you for creating stylish yet comfortable and easy to care for clothing for nursing moms! ~ Rachel

Love your products; they wear really well and I get compliments often! ~ Melissa

I wanted to mention how happy I was with the quality of the clothing I received, the overall service including speed of delivery. I had a number of Milk items I purchased from Amazon when I was nursing my older son which I loved and this time around figured I'd check out the site and I'm so happy I did. The selection of clothing is great (lots of items good for casual wear and work) and I love the Milk money incentive. I'll be sure to recommend Milk to all the nursing moms I know! ~ Denise

I just got my order. The quality is great and these clothes are comfortable and discrete. I can't wait to order more! Thank you. ~ Rachel

I love the items I bought and enjoy how easy breast feeding in public is with them. ~ ​Carmen 

I just adore your clothing line! This (striped nursing tank dress in red) is a Medium and fits me wonderful.​ My husband asked me last night if I was going to get into something​ comfy to go to Home Depot. I told ​hi​m I didn't have anything more​ comfortable (and convenient) than this dress!​ Thanks and keep the styles coming!!​ ~ ​Shelly 

I wear milk shirts and dresses every day and have sold or stored away all other nursing clothes. These are perfection. Thank you milk for making comfortable and chic nursingwear. I'm a huge fan! ~Tiffany

Excellent customer service. I usually dread having to exchange things because it is such a pain but you made it an easy process even with an item being out of stock and the price difference. I appreciate the great communication and speedy responses. I look forward to receiving my new items. ~ Paige

Love your products and company! You have seriously transformed my mom-wardrobe. I think that 90% of my clothes are made by milk. Thank you. ~Tiffany

Thank you so much for the excellent customer service! I've been really happy with my purchases so far- I'll definitely be telling all my friends about your company! Thanks again! ~ Sydney

Thank you for your excellent customer service, products, and rewards program. I love this company! ~ Rowan

Thank you for the awesome customer care. I truly appreciate you going above and beyond and pursuing me and my mother by phone and email. ~ Elizabeth

I wanted to thank you for your amazing customer service. The correct shirt arrived quickly and was beautiful-- got lots of complements on it at Christmas dinner. Thank you again ~ Marisa

I'm so glad that I found you guys. They have definitely made my nursing experience so much better, convenient and comfortable! ~ Thais

I love every nursing top that i bought!!! They are amazing!!!!!! I tell everyone about them! People are shocked when I tell them that I am wearing nursing tops that really don't look like they are! Thank you for what you are doing!

I just want to let you know that I love your nursing tops. I've been a nursing momma off and on, mostly on, for the last 10 years. I recently had my sixth baby, and got fed up with the limits of my wardrobe while nursing. I was glad to find your website, with many styles that I really like. They are comfortable, attractive, and modest. 

I've had a hard time finding work appropriate nursing tops--glad to have found Milk Nursingwear!! ~ Victoria

Thanks much! I love shopping Milk Nursingwear. Products are great and the customer service is awesome. Just wanted to let you guys know I've recommended Milk Nursingwear to all my pregnant and nursing mommy friends. ~ Laura

I love your company and I love most everything you make but this (nursing top) was especially darling and fit her so perfectly!! She was thrilled to get this and so excited to have a Spring nursing top to look forward to wearing after this long hard (and super cold) Winter! Thanks for all you do to make the lives of nursing moms so much better and for making this a special priority. It means a lot to me as a Mom who nursed 6 children...and who now has 10 grandchildren who were (and still are....and WILL be) nursing babies! All I gave to my daughter in law who is due in May is nursing tops for Christmas this past year. I had to design and make all my own nursing tops/dresses back in the early 80's and I sure do wish I'd had these darling clothes for nursing instead. They are so cute and cleverly done. I like that the tops are long enough too. Some dresses I have had to send back because they're too short for my 5'9 daughter but the tops are all awesome!!! ~ Andrea, CO

I wanted to let you know that the ruffle-hemmed gown is by far the best nursing dress I have ever owned. I wear it to business events and to social events with different accessories and do not have to worry about exposure at all: People have asked me "how do you do that?" thinking I am nursing through the fabric. The fabric is also cool enough to be able to wear outdoors in the stifling Tel Aviv summer! (very few dresses can do that). ~ Aviva

Can I just say WOW! I am beyond impressed with your company. I just place the order late yesterday afternoon, so to receive it at my place today was impressive to say the least. Then I was blown away by the quality of the materials that you use. When you order stuff online from a new company you really never know what you are going to end up with, and your prices are fantastic so I will admit I was iffy. But the quality was superb and looks very high-end, even down to little details like the way the tag is looped into the shirt.

I will for sure be ordering more products from your site in the future and will tell all my moms-to-be all about your amazing product/customer service. ~ Angel

Thank you for your help! I ordered smaller sizes in the dresses and they work wonderfully. I'm so excited to find cute clothes that are so easy to nurse in! ~ Kyndall
I'm just writing to thank you for making such wonderful products! Thank you for recognizing that women continue to nurse after they've lost the baby weight. Thank you for understanding that women want to look chic while having easy access for nursing. Thank you for making tops that are so cute and comfortable that I'd want to wear them even when I'm not nursing. I recommend your products to all my mommy friends. Keep up the good work! ~ Deena
I love my little black dress. Perfect for any occasion. Easy to BF and very comfortable. Washes and dries great!! ~ Celeste
I received your nursing top.  Thank you!!  I have to say, I LOVE it.  It is definitely a shirt that can be worn anywhere and dressed up or dressed down.  I think, unless you knew a person was nursing, that no one would think of it as a nursing top.  Awesome! ~ Kathryn
The shirt came in the mail today.  Everything is perfect.  I just wanted to write back and say your company has some of the best customer service I've ever dealt with.  I've been recommending Milk Nursingwear shirts to all of my friends and would probably continue to do so because I think  your products are fantastic!  But I feel even better about it after seeing how great your customer service is.  Thank you! ~ Julia
Thank you for taking care of this.  I appreciate all your help.  I am very pleased with your customer service and prompt attention.  I will definitely share it with friends. ~ Katelyn
I just wanted to let you know that I got the halter dress today and it fits perfect!  I love it!  It's so comfortable and flattering.  Thanks for making great clothes for nursing mamas!  Wish I would have found you a year ago lol. ~ Cristy
I absolutely *LOVE* Milk Nursingwear.  I wish I had discovered it years ago. ~ Anne
Thank you very much for taking care of my order.  I am impressed by your quick response and efficient service. ~ Harumi
...thanks for all of your help and great products!  I've been living in my two new dresses that I bought.

I have quite enjoyed my experience ordering from Milk Nursingwear and I will be sure to recommend this to friends or use again in the future. Thanks. ~ Lauren

I am in love with Milk Nursingwear!! I recently bought two dresses (Smocked Sundress and Ruffled Lounge Dress) online.  I was a little worried about not only the ease of purchasing and returning, but also about the quality of the dresses.  First of all let me say that purchasing my items was a very satisfying experience.  I received my dresses quickly and was completely elated in the quality and fit!!  They are my new "Go-To" dresses.  I think I may have to purchase at least one more dress, in a different color.  I have received so many compliments when I wear them, and no one is the wiser that they are "nursing" dresses.

Thank you for allowing me to expand my wardrobe and look great!! ~ Kimberley

...thanks for all of your help and great products!  I've been living in my two new dresses that I bought. -Joanna
I don't usually write these kind of notes, but I wanted to let you know I love the shirts. They're soft and stretchy and hide what needs to be covered. They're flattering and fit well, too (sometimes an xl can be smallish or cut poorly and that's not good for one's self image!). Thanks! ~ Siobhan
I received the dress today and it's absolutely lovely! ~ Leah

I can't wait for my dresses!  I LOVE your site and clothing (Customer service is great too;)). ~ Alysha

I LOVE it (Milk Nursingwear). By far the cutest stuff I've seen that's also great for nursing!! And I should know...I think the way I've spaced my kiddos, I've been nursing a kid for almost 2.5 years straight now.... :0 ~ Mona
I love your clothing! It ships quickly and is great quality... It was so hard for me to find any websites or stores that sold nursing clothing. I am breastfeeding all day long and really needed outfits that would allow me to do so quickly, easily and discreetly-your clothing is the only I've been able to find that meets all these requirements. I also love your rewards program. ~ Pattiana
I love your shirts. I feel very comfortable being able to nurse in public around people, and even the ones that do not approve do not seem to notice. Your items wash, wear, and travel very well. Even my daughter loves the feel of the shirts. Thanks again for the great comfort and confidence. ~ Mrs. P.
I just ordered my first top from your line of clothing and I just love it. The color is vibrant, the fabric is soft and the fit is accurate to size. I'm new at this nursing thing and have had my ups and downs getting the hang of it. So thank you for taking some stress off me so I can feel good about myself in fashion and practicality. ~ Deb
I love Milk Nursingwear! The clothes are always so comfy and look great. I'll be sad when I don't need to wear them anymore. (What the hell, maybe I still will!) ~ Michelle

Your great customer service is one of the reasons why I continue to be a loyal customer and why I also refer you to my friends. ~ Allison

Thanks for being such a positive company!  The Milk tops I purchased have been so helpful to nursing my newborn son. ~ Robin

Love your clothes....just bought a bunch of dresses. They are so cute I can wear them even after I stop nursing! ~ Saadia

I LOVE your stuff- I have nursing tops from several other places but nothing else seems to fit like your stuff.  It's so nice to have a company that understands the shape of a nursing mother/recently pregnant mother's body and is not just a "regular" top with nursing slits in it.  I also love that your stuff has style... not just a tee with slits in it.  I wear Milk Nursingwear clothes 5 out of 7 days a week and people ALWAYS comment on it when they see me nurse.  "Wow!  I can't believe that is a nursing top- it is so cute!"  Thank you for making such quality and cute nursing clothes! I really appreciate the great customer service. It is hard to find these days. I also really appreciate the stylish nursing wear that you offer. I just had my first baby and it is nice to be able to dress nicely! ~ Katy

I just received my order this morning, and everything is just fabulous! I'm sure every nursing mom I'll see in the holiday season will be amazed, and I'll make sure to tell them how awesome Milk Nursingwear is! ~ Catherine

I am a working mother of two I pump at my office every day - lucky to have an office with a door that closes and locks - and I continue to work (sometimes). My go-to dress is a turquoise blue "knotted waist dress" from Milk (I think I wear it at least once a week. ~ Anne

I have told many of my nursing mommy friends about this awesome website, and how easy nursing is in your apparel. (my sons christening was so much less stressful, and his first birthday will be as well!) ~ Jaymie

I just received my second online order of nursing tops, and I just want to say thank you! Your high-quality materials, beautiful design, and excellent customer service (the package arrived so quick) make buying Milk products a pleasure... Thanks for making my life a little easier, and a lot more fashionable! ~ Betsy

This is the MOST AWESOME nursing dress [Smocked sleeveless sundress]!  I wore it to my cousin's wedding, and I was easily and discreetly able to feed my little guy!  He is in the photo, at 3 months old, next to myself and my husband.


~ Maryann

I enjoy your company and appreciate the comfort and ease of use that your nursing shirts provide.  Your shirts (and dresses, I have a beautiful one!) may cost slightly more, but ... the quality is so much better than others... I'm on my second child with your clothes and wear them often throughout the week as they are my favorites..and they still look new! ~ Michelle K. 
Please keep the nursing wear coming!  It's hard to find quality nursing wear, so your products are greatly appreciated.  I especially like that you have some organic cotton options available as well. ~ Eris
I just bought another smocked sundress from you this weekend - in TEAL!!  I'm so excited to get it. I love the purple one so much!!!! ~ Maggie B.
Here's a picture of me in my Milk Nursingwear [Chic crossover top in short sleeves], I love it!!


~ Vanessa

I wanted to let you know that I ordered one of your dresses. Your size chart was spot on, the dress arrived faster than I anticipated, and I absolutely LOVE the dress!!!

Thank you so much for providing stylish yet comfortable clothing for us nursing mothers to wear. ~ Lynette

I just placed an order for 2 nursing dresses from your website. I want to encourage you to keep designing quality, non frumpy, yet modest dresses for us mamas.  I was so excited to find a nursing dress with sleeves and that was below my knees! For years, I have sewn my own nursing clothes, but they never turn out looking cute, rather they look frumpy, and I am not an expert at fitting. Now ... I am ready to look stylish and put together, yet practical. ~ Stacia

Love your products - I have referred so many of my girlfriends to your website!  ~ Nicole

Thank you, I have just received my 4th and 5th organic cotton milk nursing dress via international post to Australia, from your company, and just love them. I first discovered the dresses on an Australian website and ordered one. When it came, i was very excited to find that not only was it organic cotton, but very attractive and easy to wash and wear and feed my baby!

Cheers ~ Suzy

I love your clothes! its so nice to actually have some choices when it comes to nursing! ~ Lilly

Thank you!  I am so impressed with your website, customer service & clothing.  I'll definitely be recommending you to my Mom friends! Best ~ Sydney

I missed the flip contest, but I wanted to send in this picture. I was on a cruise with my family in November and wore the organic braided nightgown as a swim cover-up. Here's me nursing my then 14 month old on a boat in the Cayman Islands. I love your dresses especially - I thought I would never be able to wear cute dresses while nursing but your are awesome! Thanks again!

~ Julie

I received my order [for the Knot front nursing top in boysenberry ] and I'm very happy- and I truly appreciate the personal service!  Regards ~ Jen 
I just wanted to let you know that I received my order and I'm thrilled with the shirt and dresses! I've been breastfeeding for three months and have had a very hard time finding any decent nursing tops.  I've spent a lot of time and money on things I hardly wear. Now I've finally found some great pieces that fit me perfectly.

Thanks again for the great service and the wonderful product! ~ Janelle, MN

Thank you for the excellent customer service I received with my recent order. I received the package today and love the products!  Not only are they well made but the materials are so comfortable. The personal service, the great products and the quick delivery all made shopping at Milk such a great experience!  Thank you! ~ Elissa, MA
I wanted to let you know that I received my Milk shirt today - it's hands down the cutest shirt I OWN not just the cutest NURSING shirt! :) I love it and it's wonderful. Thanks! ~ Julie
I just bought your shirred 3/4 sleeve v-neck organic cotton top in purple and I love it.  I love the feel of the fabric, the flattering design, the length, and the color (perfect for work and weekends).  I haven't had my baby yet but I look foward to wearing this shirt.  Plus, it doesn't look at all like a nursing shirt so I can wear this shirt after I stop nursing too....Thanks again for making such fantastic clothes - there is definitely a need for more stylish, high-quality nursing clothes and you are filling that need.  I will totally be recommending your store to all my pregnant friends! ~ Susan
I just received the two nursing dresses I ordered - the flirty dress and the sun dress.  I LOVE them!  I have not had an easy time finding clothes to wear since my daughter was born 3 months ago.  I like to be able to nurse anywhere and not worry about coverage.  Other companies have such ugly clothes.  I am so glad I found you on the Internet and I'm telling everyone about your stuff.  The price is very reasonable and I actually feel cute and maybe even sexy in these dresses!  - Thank you! ~ Carole
I usually don't take the time to review products, but I really appreciate your company and would like to help it succeed.  Almost everything I've ordered has been excellent.  All of your products have an excellent design for easy and discreet nursing.  Other brands I've tried have awkward designs - some even require a shirt of cami underneath for coverage, which defeats the purpose of a nursing top!  I also think your prices are reasonable, and am pleased that you frequently offer specials, sales and free shipping...The colors are great, your products wash well (I have a spitty baby, so that is very important) and most of the styles are flattering and fit nicely, even on my tall frame.  I have recommended your website to other nursing moms.  Keep up the good work! ~ Lisl, WI
I just got my delivery and I am so extremely happy with these tops! I am expecting my 3rd child and I nursed my other 2 for almost 2 years. The tops that I had previously fail in comparison to these tops. They were plain and matronly and not at all flattering. The flaps and openings were "obvious" and I never felt pretty in them. They were "functional" but not "flattering" or "fashionable". In contrast, yours are so soft and stretchy and I can even wear them through the rest of this pregnancy. If I had known about you guys before I would have bought all my maternity/nursing tops from you. Thank you for making these top quality nursing tops. I look forward to nursing my little one in these comfortable, stylish nursing top for many days to come. ~ Nicole, VA
Thanks so much! I'm very impressed with your website, quality and customer service. ~ Yara, AZ  
Just wanted to say great products! I will definitely be recommending your site! ~ Selia, WA
I ordered a top from you on November 15, which i received on November 18.  Your speed was amazing.  I look forward to doing more business with your company in the future.  I LOVE the tropical print halter and wear it about every other day. (I live in florida, so the weather permits this!) ~ Starr, FL
The dress I ended up keeping & wearing to our baby naming service yesterday (the Keyhole dress) was fantastic. I am recommending your site to every pregnant/nursing mom I know. ~ Elsa, CA
Thanks so much! So kind of you all! I love the website and will continue to shop as long as I am a nursing mom!! :) Thanks again! ~ Rebeka, TX

Thanks SO much!  These are the softest dresses ever!  I think that I will really enjoy them!!!  Your quick response was incredible!  Can't wait for them to arrive! ~ Cherie, MS
I am so impressed with your site, service and products. Being nine months pregnant and trying to get good nursingwear is tricky, but not with Milk. I ordered a sleep bra and a nursing bra figuring I'd have to return them both but it seems like they will both be great. Wow, what a surprise.  I also ordered the geo print top and sundress and cannot wait to wear them. With my son I never found nursingwear that I liked or that worked for me and I can honestly say I cannot wait to use my new items (any day now!).  Thank you so much. - Mara, NJ

P.S. I also want to say that the speed of delivery was amazing. I was hoping to get the items in a week or two but they arrived in just a few days. Wonderful.

The Halter top and the Halter Dresses are fantastic. They are selling like crazy in the store. I also tried one on and I could not believe how supportive it was! People are raving about Milk Nursingwear. An absolute fantastic job! ~ Beth, KY

Thanks...I love your designs and they have worked really well for my now 6 months old.  Thanks a bunch ~ Lilia

I just want to let you know how much I love your clothes. I have tried other nursing wear brands and nothing comes close to quality and style of Milk nursing wear. ~ Sharon

I also want to tell you how much I love the products I have kept! They are fantastic and meet my nursing needs! ~ Aloha, Aggy