Feb 14th 2013

Milk Nursingwear

Our Share the Love contest winners are...

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our wonderful customers! We have enjoyed reading your emails and seeing your fantastic pictures over the past two weeks.

And now, for the moment you’ve all been awaiting…

“I love Milk Nursingwear because it is very stylish and makes me feel pretty." Those words from Jaclyn were her entry into our contest, and won her a Milk Nursingwear gift certificates.

"I love Milk Nursingwear because it provides a comfortable and fashionable, yet modest and discreet option for nursing on the go-makes for a happy momma and happy baby! I save so much time not digging through the closet, trying on countless tops, and trying to figure out which "method of acccess" provides the least fumbling to feed my little one." Thank you Crystal for that lovely and thoughtful entry into our Share the Love contest. And, thank you too for the pictures you submitted. We love this picture of your daughter and you, in our Tiered ruffle nursing dress.

Our final winner this year is Stacy who wrote "I love Milk Nursingwear because it makes nursing easier & makes me feel beautiful." Stacy also submitted a picture of her with her daughter Everleigh. This was a friend favorite on our Facebook page and garnered a lot of comments and likes.

To all of you who submitted an entry during our Share the Love contest, THANK YOU. We loved reading your submissions and seeing your fabulous photos. Just because the contest has ended doesn’t imply that you should be a stranger - - we love seeing your photos all year-long, so feel free to email them to us anytime for inclusion in our Faces of Milk page.

Have a love-filled day, today and always!