May 29th 2014

Milk Nursingwear

Top 10 Baby Names for Girls

hello my name isThe expectation of a new baby is a time full of anticipation and excitement.

It's a time for new responsibilities, new gadgets, and a whole new person entering your life. Gracing your little girl with a name is a big decision.

It’s fun to explore a wide variety of possibilities from trendy to biblical -- romantic to gender-bending.

Each year the Social Security Administration releases the list of top baby names registered with their agency from the previous year. They manage a database of top baby names dating back to 1880 and the popularity of each name over the years.

Top 10 names for baby girls during 2013:

[table]Baby Name,Origin,Meaning



Olivia,Latin,Olive tree/Emblem of peace

Isabella,Italian/Spanish,God is my oath/Sworn to God

Ava,Latin/Hebrew,Bird or Life


Emily,English/Latin,To strive or excel or rival

Abigail,English/Hebrew,Father's joy

Madison,English/German/Latin,Mighty battle

Elizabeth,Hebrew,God is my oath[/table]

Milk Nursingwear would like to remind you to get your new baby a social security number. Also, you can access the SSA's complete database of top baby names at