Oct 30th 2014

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What Should You Do With Your Old Maternity Clothes?


Congratulations - baby is finally here! Now it's time to decide what to do with all your maternity attire. Every mother has her own feelings and attachments to her maternity clothing. Some can't wait to get rid of them while others are a bit more sentimental. Either way, now is the time to release these items and claim back some of your closet space!

- Save and Store stackable-storage-bins

If you think you may have more children, keeping most of your maternity wear is ideal. But, before putting all those clothes in storage, make an effort to sort through them. Only keep the clothes you know you will definitely wear again. Once you are ready, make sure you have quality storage bins so critters and dust cannot get to them. Mark the boxes clearly so they are easy to locate when you need them again.

- Sell or Swap

If you are done having children, selling or swapping your maternity clothing is a valuable option. There are various opportunities for selling your clothes - local consignment stores, garage sales, and online websites such as eBayand Craigslist.

You can also choose to swap your clothing for more useful items on sites like Swapmamasand Tradesy. Make sure to thoroughly go through the clothes you plan to sell and only pull the ones that are in good condition - no one wants your old stretched out or stained maternity (2)

- Donate or Share

Donating your old maternity wear is easy and tax deductible. You can always drop your items at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army, but you should also consider donating to a local woman's shelter where they can be put to good use immediately.

Sharing with friends has its advantages too. Most will be happy to borrow your gently used attire, and it's fun to see your friends wearing your maternity clothes. Be sure to only loan out those items that you don't care how they come back. Accidents happen and there should be no expectations on how the items are returned to you.

- Toss or Re-purpose

Whichever option you choose, if there is anything that is ripped, stained, or in any other way damaged, then it's time to say goodbye and toss it. Strangers, friends and even non-profit organizations are not interested in these items.

If you are crafty, then you can upcycle all your old maternity tops and dresses. Here are two great projects:

- Turning a top into a dress and diaper cover for your little one download (1)

- Turning old maternity tees into bracelets download

Of course all of this cleaning and organization will leave more room for your nursingwear wardrobe. Visit Milk Nursingwearto meet all your nursingwear needs with our stylish nursing tops and dresses.