Mar 14th 2014

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5 Breastfeeding Myths Every Nursing Mom Should Know

common breastfeeding myths

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Discussions about breastfeeding often trigger a range of opinions, advice and beliefs about nursing. As mothers, we get a wealth of tips from well-intentioned family and friends. Sometimes this information is accurate and helpful, while other times it’s incorrect and off base.



To help you separate myth from reality, here are5 common breastfeeding myths:

Myth 1: Women who breastfeed can’t safely lose weight until their babies are weaned.

Fact: Breastfeeding actually contributes to gradual, healthy weight loss because it can burn an extra 300-500 calories per day.

Myth 2: If the baby has diarrhea or vomiting, the mother should stop breastfeeding.

Fact: The best medicine for a baby’s gut infection is breastfeeding.

Myth 3: A breast fed baby needs extra water.

Fact: Breast milk contains all the water a baby needs.

Myth 4: Breastfeeding is inconvenient.

Fact: Breastfeeding is far more convenient that bottle feeding. Breast milk is free, pre-mixed, pre-warmed, and always ready to use.

Myth 5: Breastfeeding in public requires that a woman’s breasts be exposed.

Fact: There are many techniques a woman can learn for breastfeeding her baby discreetly -- along with many stylish nursing tops and fashionable nursing dresses now available to nursing moms.


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