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We've loved serving nursing and pregnant women all over the world. Read what some of our customers have to say.

Testimonials: Text

Justine H.

"I’m so sad to hear this!!!! You are an incredible company. So generous and your products were amazing. Your shirts are the reason I was first able to nurse in public when my son was born 6 years ago. You’ve donated to the local Big Latch On event I helped host the past two years. I feel so much love for you all! I’m so sad to see you go. Thank you for everything you’ve done for mother’s everywhere!"

Katie H.

"Oh no!! Done with babies here but your clothes and bras were the most amazing items I bought while nursing and SO helpful! I loved that they were stylish, cute and affordable and allowed me to breastfeed my babes while still feeling like a regular person while out and about. It’s sad you are closing but you can rest easy knowing you made a world of difference to thousands of women!! Thank you for supporting (literally, haha) breastfeeding moms!"

Katie S.

Your nursing clothes absolutely made a HUGE positive impact in my life. Being able to look good while nursing on demand is no small feat. Your clothes are a great confidence booster, and I'm certain there are many new moms who continued to nurse or pump when they otherwise wouldn't have done so, because of you! That is an incredible accomplishment.

Amy G.

"I’m so sad to read this!! I have loved my clothing from Milk for breastfeeding all 5 of my babies, my youngest being only 2 months old. Thank you for your beautiful clothing that not only allowed me to feel beautiful in the awkward postpartum stage but also made breastfeeding my babies and toddlers in public easier and more discreet. Thank you! I wish you all the best on your next chapter!"

Rachel Z.

"Oh no! I love Milk Nursingwear clothes! Y’all got me through SO MUCH over my breastfeeding years! Truly a game changer, and I’m sad for all the mommies who won’t get to buy clothes from y’all! Thank you for creating this company and simplifying my life.  Best of luck on your next chapter."


"Thank you again for making beautiful, comfortable, and high quality nursing shirts and dresses. There is not enough support for pregnancy and nursing and you guys provided more than just clothing. You helped nursing mothers feel (and look) normal and accepted. God bless on your next venture. ❤️❤️❤️"

Kristyn Cerni M.

"Sorry to hear this and hoping it means bigger and better things ahead. Thank you for helping me to nurse my twins and son in public and for making me feel comfortable post partum. Passing on your clothes to other nursing Mommas was one of the hardest and best things to do. My favorite aspect of your clothing was that milk never left a mark like other fabrics."

Marlen M. 

"Your shirts were the only thing that made me feel like a person during those hard early days of becoming a new mom."

Dottie Braden R.

"Sad to see this happen!! I discovered Milk nursing wear with my fifth and last child... it was my favorite of all brands tried!!! Thanks for making this awesome clothing!!!"

Michaela B.

"I loved your summer dresses. I’m still nursing my 2 yr old and the dresses have held up so well the past couple years! Sad!"

Heather M.

"I don't plan to have any more, but I hate to see you go. I really loved Milk's nursing clothes. With Fibromyalgia, the feel of fabric could make or break a day for me. My whole wardrobe was Milk while lactating because it was the only brand I found that was comfortable for me. Thank you for your attention to details! I wish you continued blessings in this next phase of life."

Elizabeth B.

"This is tragic! I wear your shirts everyday, and so appreciate feeling comfortable and stylish.

You will be very missed!"

Sarah Striker C.

"Nooooo!!! I love your clothes they hold up so well  Your clothes were always so much nicer than the other brands. The only nursing clothes I keep wearing when I'm not nursing."

Stephanie S.

"So sorry to see you go! I have loved your clothing while nursing my three girls."

Bethany H.

"As a La Leche League Leader, I just want to say thank you for your support of our World Breastfeeding Week activities over the years. Your donations to our events were always so appreciated and enjoyed by many! Good luck to you in all your future endeavors!"

Jessica Stickle-T.

"So sad to hear this. I am glad I had my boys and nursed them while you guys were open. What amazing clothes. I still have them in my closet thought I stopped nursing my youngest a little of a year ago. So stylish and trendy. Thanks for making my life easier. Nursing and pumping was so much easier with my nursing shirts and dresses. Thanks again and good luck on whatever life brings your way next."

Priscilla Wright F.

"I’m out of the nursing phase and no more babies but these clothes were such a game changer for me. I was able to nurse both kids till 2yrs old and these clothes gave me confidence to do it. Thank you!"

Amanda Karnik M.

"I really loved the clothes I got from here, they made nursing my babies so much easier, this is so sad."

Morgan D.

"So sad to see this company go away!! Amazing, comfortable, stylish clothes that make a nursing mama feel good! Thank you for how you’ve served for us!!"

Zurisadai A. 

"I'm glad i found this clothing line with my 5 month old. I love the dresses, and the quality. Your products were affordable when others were too high for my budget. Thank you❤️❤️"

Ashley D.

" 😢 Your clothes were a necessity when I breastfed. Well made, comfy and versatile. I still wear some of my tops just bc I love them. Best wishes!!!"

Julie C. 

"Wait what!? This makes me so sad! I found your clothing with my daughter and now I'm using it with my son. I recommend Milk to all of my nursing friends! Wishing you all of the best in your future endeavors. You will be greatly missed!"

Michali X K. 

"So sorry to hear this! Your tops are wonderful and were such a lifesaver last year when I traveled with my boob-obsessed baby. I tried other brands, but none could compare and I still wear milk stuff even though I'm mostly at home now due to covid, just because your clothes are so great.
I'm so sad to see you go and wish you the best."

Lu Gl 

"I basically own every piece you have in XS for tops and dresses, for lounge and work and love them all!! Saves me time at work for pumping and is easy and discrete to nurse in public as noone can tell baby is nursing. I discovered your clothes last year with baby #3. I am sad to know you are closing the store, I was just recommending it to new moms to be 😢. Thank you for creating the clothes we love!❤️"

Katie C.

"So sad, you guys have been my favorite place to buy nursing clothes from. And at an affordable price."

Becca R.

"So sorry to hear this. I have loved wearing your clothes for nursing all 4 of my babies. ❤️"

Jennifer B. 

"I enjoyed your styles. You helped me to feel confident nursing in public."

Stacy M.

"I’m so sad to hear this news! This was my favorite brand of clothing to wear when I was nursing. The clothing was stylish, comfortable, and functional. Great company."

Jennifer L. 

"Oh this makes me sad! I have loved my nursing friendly tops and dresses."

Mae A. 

"NO!!! I loved your clothes. I literally traveled all over Europe and parts of Africa wearing your clothes because they were just so cute and functional!! I recommend them to all my friends. Super sad, but thanks for the memories."

Michelle A. 

"So sorry to hear of your closing- I’m a mom of 3 kids and your products made all the difference. Good luck to you and your brand will be sorely missed!"

Jayme N Tom B. 

"I hate to see you go! Everyone raves about how much they love the styles of clothes I got from you!
Best of luck on your future endeavors!"

Sarah Kathleen Rudolph W.

"I’m a bit heartbroken to hear this, I know so many are making tough decisions right now. Thanks for everything you brought to us mommas."

Karin Harvey-O.

"So sad to hear this. My oldest is 17 and my youngest is 10 months and I used to wear expressiva and now wear milk all the time. You will be missed. 💜"

Joy L. 

"So sorry to hear this! I have several items and like them all!"

Diana-Brad R.

"So sorry to hear this. My daughter and niece so enjoyed your clothing. Beautiful, quality clothes for nursing moms."

Tiffany H. 

"I now have 5 pieces in my wardrobe. They are the BEST! I have ordered similar products from other suppliers that are less than 1/2 the quality of these clothes."

LLL of Grants Pass

"We extend, one final time, our deep gratitude to the owner of Milk Nursingwear for many, many years of supporting our local La Leche League group each World Breastfeeding Week. Your kindness has helped us reach out to many breastfeeding families though the years! Thank you with our best wishes!"


"Thank you so much and I’m sad to see this. This has been my entire wardrobe for the last 2 years. These clothes have made traveling, pumping, and feeding in public so much easier. 🙌"


"Thank YOU. Your clothing has been the best quality and my favorites across two pregnancies and babies. I’m sad to say goodbye and wish you well in the next chapter!"


"Thank you for not making us moms stuck in drab clothes :) I enjoyed my tops and dresses from you, during and post maternity. Best of luck!"

Katie S.

"I'm soooo sorry to hear that you guys are closing down. It made me really sad to hear that. I've bought so many nursing tops from you, and I love your products. Your commitment to quality, fashion, and functionality for nursing moms made a huge difference in my life, and for that I am so grateful.  I hope that maybe someday you're able to re-open your business after all this coronavirus craziness is over.  Best of luck!!!"

Jennifer S.

"I am so sad to hear this. Thank you so much for the shirts you’ve made. It has made breastfeeding so much easier, and I have appreciated your clothing for years. Best wishes for your next chapter!" 

Lucia G.

"Thank you for your clothes! A must in my closet for home, play, and work! For nursing, pumping and tandem nursing."


"Thank you for the clothes. At work, it is easiest for my team and I that I could pump even when people wanted to come into my office to talk to me, and discreet pumping clothes made it easier. During one particularly bizarre moment during my clinic's move, I ended up pumping in the same room the pediatrician was lecturing 3 physicians without feeling exposed. Worth it though - in about 3 weeks my baby and I celebrate breastfeeding for the first year!"


"Thank you, I love your clothes. My son is two and still nursing and I love that I can nurse him easily and not look like I"m wearing nursing clothes. I have several items I bought when he was born and they have washed SO WELL. I tried a few other brands and the fabric is often such low quality. Thank you for this attention to detail - it is appreciated. I am sick of buying $20 tops that look like crap after two washes. I'd much rather spend a medium amount and have something that will last."


"These shirts make my life nursing my little one so much easier and stress free.  They will help make our family vacation less stressful in one way."


"I love Milk's clothes. I get compliments all the time from folks who don't even realize I'm wearing a nursing top/dress."

Testimonials: Text
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