Feb 28th 2013

Milk Nursingwear

Love Notes

We truly enjoyed all the things you had to say about Milk Nursingwear during our Share the Love contest. We took each to heart, and we thank you for letting us know that what we do makes a difference for you and your little nursling.

Here are some of the lovely comments that we received.

I love Milk Nursingwear because...

it's so hard to find cute nursing clothes but the ones from Milk are not only functional, they are more stylish than my regular clothes! ~Jennifer

it makes nursing easier, especially in public. I usually wear regular/non-nursing tops, but it sure is easier when I wear nursingwear. After nursing my first 18 months, and working on month 6 with my second, I could use a few additions to my nursing wardrobe. Thanks for the opportunity! :) ~Jessica

it's stylish, comfortable, and allows me to nurse my son easily. ~Danielle

it's the most stylish nursingwear out there! I may be breastfeeding, but I still want to look great! ~Ashley

they're chic, funky, comfy and cozy. ~Suzanne

it doesn't make me sacrifice style for function--I feel just as beautiful as if I were wearing "regular" clothes, but I can nurse easily and discreetly! ~Amber

when I get dressed, I have two criteria: Can I nurse in this? And, is it cute? Milk Nursingwear is both of those things! That makes my mornings so much easier! ~Leah

it fits like my regular clothes! I don't feel like I'm wearing my maternity clothes. When you breastfeed for longer than the first few months, you need nursing options that fit your pre-baby shape! Thanks Milk! ~Kara

I am a tandem-nursing mama of two kids under age two. I nurse literally all the time! Having clothes that are cute and functional makes me feel great about myself even on days when I am at the end of my rope! ~Julie

I love Milk Nursingwear for several reasons! First of all, your products are great. I have three of your tops, and love to wear them out & about with my little one. I have 3 children under the age of 4, and it is so nice to tote the baby around in a sling, nursing discretely in a Milk shirt, and still be able to interact with my sons. Breastfeeding is very important to me, and I am an advocate of nursing anywhere, anytime, and your high-quality products allow me the freedom to do that! ~Rochelle

I can discreetly nurse my little guy on the go, and look good doing it. ~Emily

you guys have clothes that don't look like what you think of for nursing tops. Your stuff is cute, some is even, dare I say it, a little bit sexy. When you practice extended nursing, that's important because nobody wants to wear a tent of a blouse for the next 2+ years after their baby is born. ~Britni

your clothes exemplify just how beautiful breastfeeding mamas are! ~Becky

I look great AND can nurse easily anywhere! ~Jennifer

the styles are SO cute and appealing, and yet the prices are affordable for everyone. ~Miranda

the clothes are beautifully stylish without looking like nursing clothes but yet are a breeze to nurse in! ~Christie

Thank you again to all of our entrants for sharing the reasons that they love Milk Nursingwear.