New Mom How-Tos: How to Use a Nursing Scarf

Dec 30th 2019

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New Mom How-Tos: How to Use a Nursing Scarf

Mothers should feel relaxed and confident nursing anywhere, including in public. However, saying you should be confident and actually nursing with confidence are two different things. If you feel a little self-conscious and anxious about breastfeeding your nursling in public,  nursing covers can help.

A nursing cover is a piece of fabric that drapes over your chest and provides privacy during nursing. One of our favorite types of nursing covers is a  nursing scarf which acts as both a fashionable accessory and an easy-to-use nursing cover for any occasion.

If you’re not sure how to use a nursing scarf or other nursing covers to your advantage, you’ve come to the right place! Milk Nursingwear has  everyday nursing hacks and more to help you with your everyday nursing.

How to Use Breastfeeding Scarves: The Benefits of Nursing Covers

If you’re wondering how to use a nursing scarf or other nursing covers, it can help to first understand the benefits of these breastfeeding-friendly items. Nursing mothers, especially in the early stages of nursing a new child, often have to breastfeed multiple times a day. Even if you plan your schedule around your little one, ensuring that every feeding takes place at home is nearly impossible. However, as natural and easy as it should be,  nursing in public can still be uncomfortable. Prying eyes, judgemental looks from strangers, and general anxiety on your part can all interfere with your ability to breastfeed your child effectively.

That’s where learning how to use a breastfeeding scarf comes into play! Nursing covers offer a measure of discretion that allows you to nurse with confidence, no matter where you are. While wearing the right  nursing tops or breastfeeding dresses can also assist in the functional elements of your nursing, a nursing cover adds an extra layer of protection that shields your nursing child from the rest of the world.

Nursing covers come in all shapes and sizes. The most important qualities of a good nursing cover are adequate coverage, effortless cleaning, breathable fabrics, and easy use. The most effective nursing covers, like a nursing scarf, work with your outfit to allow easy adjustment at a moment’s notice. Let’s take a closer look at how to use a nursing scarf so you can decide if this versatile cover is right for you!

Woman nurses baby under a nursing cover after learning how to use a nursing scarf.

How To Use a Nursing Scarf

What Is It?

Before you understand how to use a nursing scarf, you have to learn what it actually is. A nursing scarf is a nursing cover that doubles as an infinity scarf when not in use. This versatile nursing cover features stretchy fabric that expands over your nursing babe and offers sufficient coverage to the side, back, and front, ensuring total privacy while you feed your nursling in public.

How to Use a Nursing Scarf:

Now, it’s time to dig into the real details: how to use a breastfeeding scarf! Thankfully, our instructions are pretty easy.

First, find a nursing scarf that you like. Nursing scarves come in a variety of fabrics including cotton, polyester, and muslin. Choose comfortable fabric, both for you and for your baby -- but don’t forget about the fashionable aspects, too! We recommend choosing something basic and versatile so you can wear your nursing scarf with a variety of ensembles, but you need to choose a scarf that aligns with your taste. All the advice in the world on how to use a breastfeeding scarf won’t be helpful if you don't like the look of the one you own!

Once you’ve chosen a scarf you like, learning how to use a nursing scarf is super easy: double loop your scarf around your neck like a normal infinity scarf. That’s why these nursing covers are so wonderful—they look like any other element of your outfit! When it comes time to feed your baby, simply unloop the scarf and drape it over your shoulder. Stretch the fabric to ensure that it covers your entire chest and totally envelops your nursling. You can also spread your scarf across your back for more coverage and support. Once that’s done, bring your baby to your breast, underneath the fabric of the nursing scarf, undo the necessary elements of your nursing top and bra, and allow your baby to feed. If your little one needs to switch sides, simply shift the nursing scarf over the other shoulder, rearranging the fabric for full coverage.

A mom learning how to use a breastfeeding scarf feeds her baby by the pool.

Why Use a Nursing Cover?

Nursing scarves align will all the elements of an effective nursing cover. They’re integrated with your outfit so you don’t have to dig through a bag searching for your nursing cover while your baby wails for food. They feature breathable fabrics that will keep your nursling comfortable while they breastfeed, and they also supply more-than-sufficient coverage by enveloping the entire upper half of your body in fabric. Lastly, nursing scarves offer easy cleaning. Simply throw them in the wash with your other clothes and they’ll come out fresh and ready-to-use. Now that you know how to use a nursing scarf, you can take advantage of these many benefits!

Woman wearing a nursing apron holds and nurses her baby while sitting in a field.

Other Types of Nursing Covers

You now understand how to use a breastfeeding scarf, but it’s important to note that these aren’t the only nursing covers available. If the nursing scarf doesn’t sound right for you, look into one of these other options for effective nursing covers.

  • The Nursing Shawl: Much like the nursing scarf, the shawl looks like an average piece of clothing that switches from your shoulders to your front for warm and discreet nursing.
  • The Nursing Poncho: This nursing cover slips over your head and offers full coverage to the front, side, and back. Dip your baby below the fabric and up to your breast for easy, confident nursing.
  • The Nursing Apron: This nursing cover isn’t designed to be worn as real clothing, so you’ll have to pull it from your bag before you start breastfeeding. Tie the apron around your neck and drape it over the baby before nursing.

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