Jun 2nd 2011

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It's all in a name...

It is no surprise that naming a child is like predicting their forthcoming personality. For some, it takes many months of deliberating to narrow it down; for others, they experience a revelation after gazing into their baby’s eyes just after the birth. In either case, honing in on that perfect name is no small feat.

And, in the end, many American families seem to choose among the same ten names.

In early May, the Social Security Administration released its list of the top 10 baby names for 2010. If you’re not surprised by the collection of names, we know why: there has been hardly any change for the past couple of years, as the list boasts the same front-runners in just a slightly different order.

Drum roll, please…

We happen to love this collection of names. Some have biblical roots while others are more modern. Their meanings range from “peaceful,” “protector,” and “strong and firm” for the boys to “universal,” “father’s joy,” and “blooming” for the girls. So there is truly a name for anyone on this short list.

Expecting? If you’re in the midst of your baby name search, check out this resourceful list of hundreds of potential baby names.

When choosing that special name for your little one, do you think about the meaning? Do you tend towards trendy because you “just like the sounds of it?” Or are you more old-fashioned, with preferences for the biblical references?

However one concludes on a name for their precious newborn, it seems that the child often grows into their name over time. And how sweet it is to say their name over-and-over again.

We’d love to know your favorites - - do share the ones you’re considering or the one you've just chosen!