Apr 3rd 2014

Milk Nursingwear

Last Minute Tips to Prepare for Baby's Arrival

You can never be totally prepared for what a new baby will bring into your life – besides a little chaos and a lot of joy. Milk Nursingwearshares our tips for making the transition a little smoother.

514MXqzFqhLRead over your pregnancy books & talk to friends

Everyone has a different story, but it’s good to hear how they played out. You never know what your experience will be – even child to child. But as they say, “knowledge is power.”

Have a plancheap-travel-bag-j-crew

Decide who you want to be in the delivery room with you and communicate that information ahead of time. Know who will be taking care of your other children, pets, etc. and make sure they are on your initial contact list. Pack your bag and have it by the door ready to go. Don’t forget to include after-baby items such as some baby onesies/outfits, comfortable nursing tops, and some maternity bottoms – as you will need some time before returning to your normal wardrobe.

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Create a phone/text tree

Even in the age of Facebook, where it takes a minute to post a picture of mom and baby with all the pertinent stats, there are still people who deserve a call or a text. Designate a couple of friends/family to disperse the good news. Consider using an app such as GroupMe or WhatsApp to text multiple people at once.

Make-ahead freezer meals


Making meals ahead that just need to be warmed up will be a lifesaver after your baby is born. The first few weeks are hectic. Convenience and ease will be high on your list of priorities.


Consider the siblings

Make sure your older ones know your plans. A prepared child is a happier child. Also, consider buying sibling gifts. Have two gifts packed and ready in your hospital bag. Of course a gift from baby to their big sibling always helps to smooth the transition of the new person entering their world.

Be nursery-readyarms reach

At the very least have the bassinet or crib set up and a safe place to change your infant. Once baby is born, you will be happy with all the prep you did beforehand. Sleep & free time will be at a premium, so use pre-baby time to your advantage.

Install the car seatChicco-NextFit-Convertible-Car-Seat-Mystique

At least two weeks prior to your due date, install the car seat in your car. This can be an arduous process the first time around, so get it done before baby is on his way.