Milk Nursingwear's love notes 2017

Feb 23rd 2017

Milk Nursingwear

Milk Nursingwear's love notes 2017

Thank you for your rave reviews and feedback for Milk Nursingwear during our 2017 Share the Love Valentine’s Day giveaway. We took each of your entries to heart and loved hearing how our fashionable nursing designsmake a difference to you and your nursling. We also enjoyed seeing our beautiful Milk Nursingwear customers. Now, we want to share the love with you!

Here is a sampling of the submissions and photos we received. Read why nursing moms love Milk Nursingwear!

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I love Milk Nursingwear because it made me feel beautiful again. After I had my baby I didn't feel very pretty. I missed being able to wear a dress for a night out (or even a night in). My mom found out about Milk Nursingwear and I bought three dresses right away! It was such an uplifting feeling to wear a dress and feel better about myself! ~ Emily B.

I love Milk Nursingwear because I can still feel beautiful while nursing. I already feel like a Super Mom when I'm breastfeeding, so it's wonderful to feel and look pretty too!! ~ Anna K.

I love Milk Nursingwear because these clothes are designed with baby and mom in mind. I never realized how hard it would be for me to accept my post partum body and the fact that, at least right now, I don't have the time to work out like I used to. These dresses are just so adorable and make you feel so good. I can feel confident again in my skin. Thank you for helping me to embrace my "new" body for what it is. ~ Elizabeth S.

I love Milk Nursingwear because there is so much variety offered! It is so hard to find cute, quality nursing-friendly clothes, and y'all make it so easy! ~ Laurel N.

I love Milk Nursingwear because it's the only brand of nursing clothes that is discrete enough to last in my wardrobe collection long after I'm done with breastfeeding. ~ Stephanie C.

I love Milk Nursingwear because it makes pumping at work so much easier! I don't have to evaluate an outfit based on "will this be easy to pump in?" because the answer is always "YES!" with Milk! ~ Heather H.

I love Milk Nursingwear because it is so comfortable! I love how it feels and how it stretches, but it always goes back to its original shape and looks like regular every-day clothes. ~ Rebecca M.

I LOVE Milk Nursingwear because the clothing is not only extremely conducive to nursing, especially if one wants to be discrete in public, but it is also such high quality; made with soft, durable fabrics, unparalleled by other, much more expensive brands! I also love the sales and deals I can get with Milk Nursingwear! I've suggested the brand to all my momma friends and they too agree--it's really the best! ~ Abby K.

Thank you for sharing your love for Milk Nursingwear stylish nursing topsand nursing dresses!