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Breastfeeding and Nursing Dresses

Do you miss being able to wear a dress while nursing? Problem solved! Shop our gorgeous collection of breastfeeding dresses -- they make nursing or pumping anywhere, easy and discreet!


The Trusted Brand for Fashionable Nursing Dresses & Nursingwear

We have a wide range of gorgeous nursing dresses suitable for work, special occasions, and every day. Most people will not even be able to tell that these are breastfeeding dresses, yet each style features easy-access nursing openings that make it so easy for you to breastfeed discreetly in public.

Many of our breastfeeding dresses can be worn during pregnancy as well (look for the "Dual Function" icon), and so many moms tell us they wear their dresses long after they have weaned because they do not look like nursing dresses.

Choose from maxi nursing dresses, formal breastfeeding dresses, nursing sundresses, plus-sized styles, midi-length options, and everyday designs in a variety of colors, stripes, and prints.

Read the customer reviews of our breastfeeding dresses to see what other moms have to say, and how much more relaxed and stylish they feel when wearing one of our chic styles.

Shop Milk Nursingwear for Clothes You Will Love For Pregnancy, Nursing, and Beyond

Milk Nursingwear was started by a nursing mother of four. Our goal is to support mothers during pregnancy and nursing by designing dresses and nursing tops that you feel beautiful wearing, and that make it easy for you to breastfeed and pump anytime, anywhere. Note that when shopping, you can filter our nursing dresses and tops by color, price, nursing opening, and style.

Our Milk Nursingwear team is here and eager to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any and every question you may have as you shop our chic and stylish breastfeeding dresses. Find the look that fits your style!