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Breastfeeding and Nursing Dresses

Tired of not being able to wear a dress while breastfeeding? Well we have that fashion crisis solved for you! While you can theoretically breastfeed in a regular shirt (though breastfeeding shirts do make feeding so much easier), dresses are an entirely different story. It is nearly impossible to shop for a non-nursing dress that you can nurse in in public, unless there is a button or set of buttons down the front. Otherwise you have to remove yourself from all the action to find a private place to lift up your entire dress. Therefore it is definitely best to wear a specific dress for breastfeeding. What is nice about our breastfeeding dresses is that they are so fashionable and well-designed that you cannot even tell that they were made for nursing, and many mamas tell us that they even wear them after they have weaned. While trying to find something to wear that you love and makes you feel great, AND is easy to nurse and pump in can be difficult – we have solved this problem for you with our collection of fashion forward nursing friendly dresses, some of which can even be worn during pregnancy! From baby christenings to cocktail parties, from the office to casual everyday wear, our wide range of fashionable feeding dresses give you easy access that make nursing and pumping anywhere convenient and discreet. This makes your life so much easier. 

Whether you are shopping for a nursing evening dress for a party, a maxi dress, a long nursing dress for casual or formal situations, we have you covered. We have prints, stripes, nursing maxi dresses, high low dresses, a selection of classic navy blue nursing dresses and more. Each of our nursing friendly dresses are designed with hidden openings, so you can breastfeed your baby without stress, or pump discreetly and conveniently — while keeping you relaxed and looking beautiful.

Our styles are versatile and you can create different looks by adding your own accessories, shoes, and wraps. We know that moms have no time for hand wash or dry cleaning, so our products are all easy care and machine washable, and offered at reasonable price points.

 Milk Nursingwear was started by a nursing mom of four. When she could not find nursing clothes professional enough to wear to work where she was feeding her baby at an on site day care, and found herself at too many weddings with her dress pulled up over her head while she nursed and missed out on the events she flew in for, she realized that other women must be looking for a fashionable and functional new solution to this problem too.

 We are a women owned and run company committed to helping support moms through their nursing journey. To help you find the nursing friendly dresses or other items you are looking for, you can use the filtered search on the left size of the page to sort by color, price, nursing opening, or style. If you are a plus sized mama check out the dresses offered on our plus sized nursing clothes page. We are here to help, so if we can answer any questions whatsoever, help you select what to buy, or be of service at all, please reach out to us via phone or email.