Jul 28th 2016

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Outdoor Spaces for Kids

We all need time to ourselves -- a chance to get away. Being outside allows kids to be kids with the freedom to jump, shout, run, and climb. Did you know that by supporting their play you can actually help their development?

"Spending time outdoors is a crucial part of healthy growth and development, according to the National Center for Physical Development and Outdoor Play. Improving your child's health and well-being might be as simple as sending him outside to play."

5 health benefits of playing outside:

  1. Improves Vision
  2. Promotes Social Skills
  3. Increases Attention Span
  4. Reduces Stress
  5. Provides needed Vitamin D


Your backyard is the best place for the little ones to escape and let their imaginations run wild. These are some of our favorite outdoor spaces for kids.

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